Sunday Morning Tip for June 07: Best Tips to Clean and Refurbish Your Bedroom for Summer

<span>Sunday Morning Tip for June 07:</span> Best Tips to Clean and Refurbish Your Bedroom for Summer
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    Our bedrooms are our haven, and we feel safe and comfortable within this personal space.

    Unfortunately, sometimes we get complacent and don't realize when it's time to spruce up and deep clean.


The changing of seasons means a fresh start, and we have some tips to get your bedroom ready for summer.

Clean and Fresh

The first step to any home project is a solid clean. Don’t only think about dusting and vacuuming, but also study your room and see if there are items that have become obsolete.

Many of us like to collect memorabilia and often create clutter. So when you get your tools ready to clean your room out, include a few empty boxes for the things you no longer want.

The spring clean should be tackled from top to bottom. It would be best if you started at the ceiling.

We don’t mean that you should wash the ceiling, but rather focus on things close to it. Such as fans and fixtures that are above the cupboards. Then move your way down, wet wiping dirty surfaces and cleaning floors.

As mentioned before, cast a critical eye over your surface items, and see if there are some you can throw away to declutter. If you have a lot of small memorabilia and souvenirs, consider investing in a printers tray to hang on the wall. In this way, you can still see the items, but they will be neatly pinned up for all to admire. You can create a scrapbook with loose photos and postcards.

master bedroom suitebedroom dresser

      some bedroom furniture ideas to consider      

In this way, you can still see the items, but they will be neatly pinned up for all to admire. You can create a scrapbook with loose photos and postcards.

Clean Inside Storage

It’s not enough to clean the visible section of the room; you should also clean out the cupboards and drawers. It does a soul good to know that a space is clean and organized, inside and out. If your closets are a mess, invest in some bright colored boxes of all sizes to rearrange and organize the items inside.

You can use some of the boxes to store stuff under the bed, and small, brightly colored containers can store miscellaneous items such as hair bands. If you don’t have money for small boxes, get a few empty jars together, remove the labels, and paint them. They will brighten up the room and be functional at the same time.

The boxes can double as decor items, and some furniture can double as a place to keep bits and bobs. A large bench with a storage unit underneath can be useful to store away items such as blankets or shoes.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Now that the hard work is over, the fun begins. Use your spotless room as a clean canvas to redesign the area. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Decide on a theme that you would like to incorporate into your bedroom and see how you can make it work.

As for the furniture, start with the bed. If your mattress is old, get rid of it. There are super ones on the market at a low price. You can find what the best mattress under 1000 is like here.

bedroom curtainsbedroom wall lighting

      some bedroom decorating ideas to consider      

Then move on to your headboard. If you can’t afford a new one, spruce up the old one. Paint it or decorate it with beads or fairy lights. You’ll be amazed how far a little ingenuity can go.

Go through your linen and see if it needs replacing, or maybe sprucing up. You can dye plain white covers to change things up a bit.

Mix and match your linen; it doesn’t always have to be coordinated. Try plain white duvet covers with different colored pillowcases.

If you don’t have any plants, bring some in to create a more natural environment. You can break up the room with an ottoman or two, or a classic Hollywood chair.

If your bedroom is big enough, bring in a Chinese room divider if you like the oriental style of decor. The sky’s the limit when it comes to transforming your room into your heaven on earth.


Your bedroom is a place that should reflect your personality and refresh your senses after a long day. It’s a place to reconnect with your inner peace so that you can face the world again. Keeping it clean and changing the setting for the season will bring summer into your home and life.

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