Cheapest Commercial Flooring Options

Cheapest Commercial Flooring Options
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    With the new year fast approaching, updating your commercial space's overall look and aesthetic is an excellent idea to start the year right.

    If you are looking for a valuable and inexpensive way to modernize the appearance of your business, changing your flooring is the perfect way to achieve this goal.


Thanks to the recent advances in production and manufacturing technology in commercial flooring, you now have access to a wide selection of flooring options. While renovation work is an added expense, you can take advantage of several cost-effective flooring solutions that offer the same resilience and strength.

Depending on the facility, you can determine the flooring or finish for the final touch. Many industrial facilities invest in flooring systems for various reasons.

Still, when it comes to concealing combustible materials on the floor, you can greatly benefit from installing fire-rated general access doors Warehouses, for example, need to be swept and cleaned daily to avoid dirt and dust build-ups that not only lead to an unpleasant work environment but piled-up dirt may also get inside the finished product and goods.

Applying some finish on the floor allows cleaners to sweep the floor and keep it clean quickly. On the other hand, sweeping bare concrete floors is tremendously unreliable and will require water to wipe them clean.

Most commercial facilities are very spacious, and the idea of renovating the whole square area can be pretty expensive. However, these facilities with foot traffic and heavy machinery can eventually wear out their flooring systems.

But you don’t have to necessarily sacrifice efficiency and quality when it’s time to upgrade your floors because with the number of inexpensive flooring options in the market today, you’re sure to find what suits your needs best.

Polished Concrete Flooring

Extensive commercial facilities have lots of square footage and traffic that renovating the whole flooring system seems impossible and expensive. Luckily, polished concrete flooring offers reliable durability at an inexpensive cost – making it an excellent option for warehouses.

The first step in installing polished concrete is to prime the concrete substrate with a chemical compound that increases the hardness. Concrete may look solid and sturdy enough, but dense and sharp objects can easily puncture through the cement, leading to uneven flooring. Once the hardening solution solidifies, the floor is polished with a grinder, removing any coarse components making it evenly smooth.

If color-coding is required, you may easily apply a sealant in the desired color. Concrete flooring systems are very resistant and only require essential floor maintenance.

Carpet Tile

When it comes to cost-efficient flooring for commercial spaces, carpet tile is a good option. Installation is relatively easy to install and requires very minimal maintenance and cleaning. This flooring system offers a stick and peel feature that enables non-professional installers to install the tiles successfully.

Carpet floors also feature loop fibers making them highly resistant against dirt, vacuum trails, and footprints. Since the carpet tiles come as individual squares, they give off a commercial and executive look typical in retail, corporate offices, rental real estate, and even stain-prone restaurant spaces.

Epoxy Flooring Options

Epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for business owners looking for an inexpensive yet highly customizable floor system. Similar to polished concrete, epoxy flooring is a thermoplastic resin solution mixed with a concrete compound.

The installer then needs to clean the bare floor meticulously before applying the mixture to remove any dirt or dust on the surface. Spray the floor with a water/muriatic acid solution before allowing it to dry. Once the floor is completely dry and clean, the concrete solution is then poured and ground to achieve a smooth and shiny look.

A concrete sealant is then applied to act as a shield that will protect the floor from any elements that might get inside the base floor. Finish the whole process with an epoxy spread laid out with a short bristle brush.

concrete stain colorspolished concrete sealer

      some concrete flooring ideas to consider      

The value of choosing epoxy flooring is that it is reasonably cost-efficient and remarkably customizable. This type of floor offers the flexibility of coating it with whatever color you need. Some floor technicians even designed epoxy floors with a marbleized color scheme.

Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking floor tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions available in the commercial market. This type of flooring requires very minimal preparation and installation since you can put it across any floor surface. This floor tile easily interlocks to any format without the need to sand down the surface before installation.

Aside from its resilience, interlocking floor tiles give you the option of adding a coat to further emphasize its color with added protection. Another benefit is that PVC floors can absorb any item or material in contact, such as expensive equipment and heavy foot traffic.

Interlocking floor systems also come in various designs and colors that seamlessly blend with any setting, from commercial spaces to daycare centers. It also offers two interlocking options, with one tile having all the locks at the edge of the tile and the other conceals the interlocking mechanism under the tile. Either way is incredibly sturdy and requires essential floor maintenance.

Commercial Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is considered the leading wood and stone-flooring alternative in the commercial market. Its synthetic composition allows for a decorative floor appearance at a reasonably low price compared to hardwood while offering ultra-realistic features with various options, including smooth, hand-scraped, embossed, and distressed laminate flooring.


Another advantage of laminated floors is that they are both scratch and stain-resistant, making them ideal for commercial spaces. If you want to spruce up your business, laminate is undeniably a good choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT flooring is a cost-efficient choice for residential and commercial properties since it is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Luxury vinyl floors offer a wide selection of styles and shapes, with some products giving off a natural wood or stone appearance.

Its price ranges from $3 per square foot, ideal for small to midsize office spaces. Surprisingly, it is more durable than natural wood, stone, or ceramic, making it an exceptional choice for business owners seeking style and design without breaking the bank.

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Commercial flooring systems often go unnoticed, but there are now affordable solutions available that can work. Choosing the most suitable flooring option will entirely depend on the kind of work done in your commercial facility – with larger spaces leaning towards concrete floors and office spaces wanting a more customized look suitable to their brand and aesthetic.

Each floor system has its advantages and features, even with added expense, ensuring that you have a sturdy floor that will benefit your employees and your business.

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