Six Projects to take Your Old Home from Falling Apart to Fully Functioning

Six Projects to take Your Old Home from Falling Apart to Fully Functioning
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    Despite their inherent appeal and cachet, older homes inevitably need a lot of work to shine.

    The renovation process can take years and cost far more than you may have expected.


Many older homes are not equipped with the proper wiring, plumbing, and updated features that a home needs in order to run properly. If you’re going to take an older home from shabby to breath-taking, it’s a good idea to start with following areas:

Rehabilitate the Roof

Without a doubt, the roof is one of the most important parts of any structure. Ergo, it makes sense to get the roof squared away before you move on to other projects. Consider the local climate and select a long-term solution like tile or slate if feasible. Not only is a new roof essential for safety in the home, but it will improve the look of the home’s exterior right away.

Install New Siding

As the protective shell that safeguards the interior of your house, replacing your siding should be the next thing that you work on. Consider the pros and cons of different types such as vinyl, aluminum and wood. Pay particular attention to factors like weather resistance and long-term maintenance costs when choosing siding. This project is also important to do at the beginning of your renovations since it will improve the insulation of the home, saving you money on your monthly utilities.

Replace Doors & Windows

Outdated doors and windows can have a detrimental impact on energy efficiency and reduce a home’s value by a surprising amount. Swapping them out for newer double or even triple-paned models can cut down on energy usage, boost property values and improve a house’s aesthetic appeal overnight. It also increases the home’s security when you replace windows and doors since old ones make it easy for burglars to break in.

Upgrade the Plumbing

No house will ever truly be a home if the plumbing is constantly on the fritz. Bring your old house’s plumbing up to snuff by having all bathroom, kitchen, and underground plumbing fixtures inspected. ¬†According to the professionals of Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc who specialize in sump pump installation in Winnipeg, you want to have a pro look under the house so you can see what needs to be fixed or completely replaced, and to see how the plumbing looks as it goes out to the street. While you’re at it, you can install a hyper-efficient tankless water heater as well as a topnotch water filter.

Audit & Update the Electrical System

Aging electrical wiring and components are often unreliable and unable to meet the needs of a modern household. Furthermore, they can pose a clear and present danger in the form of electrical fires. Inspect your system, replace wiring as needed and install an up-to-date breaker box. Obviously, you need a professional to inspect wiring first and give you advice about what needs to be fixed and where you need to completely replace things.

Overhaul the HVAC Hardware

Last but not least, it’s vital that you revamp the heating and cooling systems of your over-the-hill house. At a minimum, duct work and boilers should be thoroughly cleaned and patched up as need be. It’s probably wise to install more efficient HVAC machines like air conditioners and furnaces so that you don’t have to do that in a few years when they break down. Even if your home is old, you can still enjoy the comforts of home automation by giving your house a few updates with the systems you use and they types of technology they are compatible with.

The Return to Former Glory

If you take care of the fundamentals first, you can address cosmetic details later at your leisure. Ultimately, crossing the most important items off of your renovation checklist at the outset is a wise move. Doing so will make your home-refurbishing journey far less stressful, and you can enjoy fixing up your old home once you know that all of the essential updates have been made. Managing an old fixer-upper is no easy task, however, you can quickly make the home your own by taking it from falling apart to fully functioning with a few vital updating projects.



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