Home Ownership: How to Improve the Quality of Your Old Home

Home Ownership: How to Improve the Quality of Your Old Home
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    Homeowners are often concerned with renovating their homes, boosting potential sales prices, their own senses of satisfaction, and otherwise heightening the curb appeal of their domains.


While outdated, classic, old-time homes are often in significantly worse condition than their newer counterparts, renovating them may yield higher returns than improving newer homes. Even expert remodelers and construction workers should exercise caution in renovating antiquated homes. Materials are more often irreplaceable than modern ones and considerably more fragile.

Redo the Foundation

Old homes’ foundations are often in pretty bad shape. Structures built over a hundred years ago that are still standing today are obviously built well, although no builder can pour footers and foundations to prevent it sinking into soil. Mother Nature will always wins the long-term foundation battle. It’s often most cost-effective to replace small sections of the old home’s foundation at a time, as hiring crane operators to life the home and hold it until the foundation is finished is highly expensive and often not worth the investment.

Remodel as Much as Possible

While strengthening the structures of old homes is important for their longevity, safety, and livelihood, a majority of home improvement efforts should be on remodeling interior and exterior surfaces alike. New decking, roofing, and siding should be implemented on every classic home that’s not protected by governments. Having professionals like those at D.S. Bahr Construction, Inc. can help with your renovation of interior walls, siding, and roofing. Older homes can’t always take structure demolishing and re-installation, so it’s better to allot more of your renovation budget towards fixing up outward-facing surfaces.

Redo Window, Door, and Other Framings

Wooden frames in homes aren’t often constructed for long-term durability, slapped together with tiny nails, adhesives, or staples. Fortunately for those in charge of old home renovations, renewing wooden window and door frames to their initial condition is light on labor and very affordable. This kinds of renovation is also very good for your house. By redoing your windows and doors can help with the lighting in your old home as well. The more light that you can bring into your home, the larger feel the room will have. This also really helps with your home’s market value if you ever come to the point to where you may want to sell.

Rip out Potentially Toxic Installation, Paint, and Other Substances

Thanks to modern research capabilities, scientists are able to determine which substances used years ago for construction are actually toxic to humans. Experts are able to readily identify potentially toxic paints, installation padding, and more that could be dangerous. This requires suiting up with protective suits and aerators. Removing these toxic substances will be necessary if you are selling your home.

Thousands of people purchase, renovate, and sell homes in attempts of turning profits. Doing so with an old, antiquated home is difficult and requires more care. Just know that renovating your old home’s unflattering appliances, paints, wallpaper and other functions is undoubtedly more profitable than "deeper" fixes to studs in walls, roofing frames, and other structurally important pieces.



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