Creating a Blueprint – Step by Step Guide for DIY Homeowners

Creating a Blueprint – Step by Step Guide for DIY Homeowners
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    So the time has come for when you need a blueprint, for that dream home, and you just have no idea where, when, or how to start the plan-making task?


By Magnus Dahlquist

That is perfectly fine as the majority of people, desiring to side step the contractor blueprint-homebuilding costs and rates, as well as the aggravation, at times, of dealing with some of these subcontractors’, are turning to having their dream home blueprints made themselves.

Importance of Envisioning Type of Home to be Designed

Before the steps to creating a home blueprint are laid out for you DIY types to discover, the importance of having a vision cannot be ignored. This vision represents the image in your head at first, of exactly what type of home you want to design and build. There are many different types of architectural styles and designs into which you can start the process of elimination.

Top Design Plans for Homes (Struggling Economy Non-Withstanding)

  • Multi Family House Plans
  • Cabin Style House Plans
  • Contemporary Style House Plans

Now that you know what you have to do first, should you have that image in your mind at this time? We would like to say that we can just return to this step, but we cannot since you need to know what type of home you are dreaming of creating. As long as you know this very important part of the blueprint making process, everything else can be learned and re-learned until correct.

Steps for Making a Great Blueprint!

The decision to do-it-yourself (DIY), for the creation of everything, such as blueprints and the construction of the home, is a very big step indeed. You need to be congratulated and provided with the best resources and information humanly and computer-assisted as possible. The computer will be the best tool for you to utilize in designing and creating blueprints yourself. The ease into which various sites online have made this process are truly amazing. Now onto the steps so that you can get ready to go shopping for building supplies and the like.

Steps for Online DIY Home Blueprint Creating

(1) Locate CAD Assisted Home Designing Site Online

(2) Design Foundation – Framing – Framework

(3) Continue to Next Step for Electrical – Plumbing – Water – Waste Disposal

(4) Create Outdoor Scheme; Landscape – Lawn – Ornamentals – Sidewalks – Pathways

(5) Take a Break and Look at What You are Designing

(6) Wrap Up

Once you have made it to this point, the reality of having those blueprint dreams in your hands now must come to fruition. Most DIY types will want to have both a hard house plan as well as various modalities of computer saved and accessible formats. The main point here is that you get a tangible, malleable, editable, blueprint into your hands.

Good Luck and Happy DIY Blueprint Making!

Author Information:
Magnus Dahlquist is the founder of a website called BlueprintFinder offers step-by-step plans and blueprints for all types of home improvement projects, including playhouse plans, chicken coop plans, greenhouse plans and shed plans.

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