How to Give Your House a Facelift on a Budget

How to Give Your House a Facelift on a Budget
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    While home renovation and improvement projects can significantly improve both the value and comfort of your home, many households and property owners choose to overlook the benefits of an upgrade due to financial concerns.


Smaller, more affordable, and more cost-effective additions and upgrades can provide almost any homeowner with the opportunity to improve their environment. The following project ideals all highlight different ways that property owners may be able to give their home a facelift without breaking the bank.

Painting or Re-staining Cabinets

Repainting an entire kitchen or bathroom often requires too much time, effort, or labor. Simply painting or re-staining cabinets can often be a much simpler way to update the look and feel of an older space. For homeowners seeking an even smaller and more affordable project, refinishing just the cabinet doors and replacing hardware pulls and other accents can provide an eye-catching addition to interior decor.

Installing High-efficiency Fixtures and Appliances

Replacing plumbing fixtures, small appliances, and other household devices with high-efficiency equipment can go a long way toward ensuring that monthly electric and utility costs can be kept as low as possible. While quality appliances often come with a high price tag, creating, and maintaining a more energy-efficient home may offset much of the purchase and installation costs.

Addressing Security Concerns

Home security is a concern too many households choose to overlook. Automated security systems can make a welcome addition to any home, especially for properties that are in neighborhoods with higher crime rates. The shrinking size and falling cost of digital security cameras has produced a more affordable selection of equipment and systems than ever before, many of which may be quickly and easily installed by property owners without the need to seek the assistance of a professional. ADT security systems for your home now offer more features like monitoring, online connection, and 24 hour protection which can be great benefits to improving your home value as well.

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Upgrading an HVAC or Climate Control Systems

Heating and cooling costs can easily account for most all household electric consumption. Adding a window-mounted AC unit to a home or installing a heat-pump system that may provide a more cost-effective way to manage and regulate the interior climate can have many benefits. Smaller devices that are designed to provide room and area-specific heating or cooling can greatly reduce the workload of a conventional furnace or central AC unit. Investing in the right unit, device or system can allow homeowners to enjoy superior levels of comfort without having to worry too much about their bottom line.

Making sure your home is up to date can take a few repairs, but they don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. Use these ideas to get a cheaper fix and improve your home value.

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