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The Old Home Overhaul: 5 Great Renovations after Buying an Old House

Tweet This article will discuss 5 great renovations to complete after purchasing an old home. Refinish the Hardwood Flooring The original hardwood flooring in most older homes is absolutely amazing.

Home Renovation Quick Checklist

Quick Checklist:     Five Situations That Require Home Renovation

Tweet Sometimes, however, the need for a renovation is so great that it can no longer be ignored. Here are five situations that require a home renovation. Natural Disasters Major

Home Renovation

Home Renovating: What to do When Buying an Old Home to Renovate

Tweet In this article, get the best tips for renovating your home the right way. Pest Control The first step is getting rid of all the pests, insects, and other

Home Renovation

Six Projects to take Your Old Home from Falling Apart to Fully Functioning

Despite their inherent appeal and cachet, older homes inevitably need a lot of work to shine. The renovation process can take years and cost far more than you may have expected.

Home Renovation

Renovation Tips: Modernizing An Older Home To Preserve its Charm

Older homes have a charm and appeal that too many modern homes lack. People love the rich molding and incredible details, but they do come with their share of problems.