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Boring Bathroom? A Short Guide to a Restroom Renovation

Tweet You’ve decided to spruce up the restroom a bit. Renovating a restroom is a big task, but the following guide should help you get through it without any hiccups.

Kitchen and Dining

Home Upgrades: Why You Need to Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Tweet A kitchen can have leaks that don’t stay fixed; sagging cabinets where the doors lean open; and a stove with a burner that burns too hot and another that

Just Bath

7 Top Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Tweet Unfortunately, a poorly designed bathroom will only detract from the relaxing experience. To return home to luxury day after day, read our handy hints on how to successfully remodel

Home Interior

Home DIY Projects With the Greatest Returns

Tweet That said, not all DIY projects offer the same returns. Most don’t. Here’s a look at the best DIY projects to consider when you’re remodeling plus a rough formula

Just Bath

Remodeling Your Bathroom? Six Upgrades You Don’t Want To Leave Out

It’s important to chose the right materials and upgrades when doing a renovation, especially in the bathroom. Many bathroom upgrades can increase the value of your home and level of comfort, and these tips can help.

Just Bath

Construction Regulations for a Bathroom

If you are looking to build a new bathroom suite in your home, the likelihood of you needing planning permission is rather slim; however, if your new bathroom is part of a house extension, you will have to apply.

Bed and Bath

5 Renovations that Will Open Up Your Bathroom

Many people desire a bathroom that is large, open and luxurious. However, not everyone has the square footage available in their bathroom to make this a reality.

Bed and Bath

Five Remodeling Tips for a Beautiful, Modern Bathroom

When you remodel your bathroom, you have the opportunity to not only create a more functional space but to also add to the value of your home.