5 Ways to Bring your Backyard Inside

5 Ways to Bring your Backyard Inside
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    As a renovator, you undoubtedly take a great deal of pride in your backyard.

    Unfortunately, depending on the climate you live in, you might only get to enjoy that backyard a few months out of the year.


If you’re up for some additional projects, here are some backyard staples that can just as easily be implemented on the inside of your home.

Fire Pit

Not just any ordinary fireplace, you can actually install an open-sided fire pit for marshmallow-roasting and late-night stories right in your living room. You’ll need to arrange non-flammable furniture around it and install a chute of some sort to funnel the smoke out. Check with your home insurance provider to see what they require with this kind of home addition.


You can keep a flower or spice garden alive during the winter months with a well-constructed indoor space. Build flower boxes that allow enough room for growth, with containers that allow for water drainage. An ideal place for this fixture would be by a window, unless it gets drafty there (heat is more important than light for a young seedling). Or you can attach daylight-balanced CFL’s to chains that hang above the plants, allowing for easy adjustment of the lights’ heights.


This is a great home addition for the little ones! You can go super simple and fill a kiddie-pool with sand and place it in the corner of their play room. Most DIY’ers will build a more permanent fixture, and one that allows easy access to replace sand. Make sure you cover the box whenever not in use (especially if you have indoor house pets). Also be sure you place sheeting or protection around the outside of the box. Either that or accept that the surrounding carpet will forever be gritty.

Hot Tub

If you have an extra room in your house, or a garage with enough space, why not install a hot tub indoors? You’ll need to make sure your builders agreement will allow it, and you’ll need to make sure the ground you use will be firm enough to support the tub’s outstanding weight. Make sure you implement a proper drainage system, and an easy way to replace the hot tub water. Most important, make sure the room has proper ventilation.

Swimming Pool

This is easily the most expensive option, depending on the size of the pool you need. A full-size swimming pool requires a room of its own, and you must live within the proper zoning to build a pool at all. You’ll want to seek professional help for pool installation. If you’d like to go smaller, you can always purchase a smaller counter-current pool, which sits above ground, is easily heated, and can fit in a somewhat-spacious garage.

There’s little substitution for natural sunlight and warm, long days, but this is a start. If you can make the best of those cold winter months by carrying the party inside, before you know it summer will be back again.

Michael David is a freelance journalist and blogger living in New York City. Michael loves writing about DIY projects, home improvement, and garden-related topics.



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