Modern Trends in Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Modern Trends in Kitchen Appliances and Accessories
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    Kitchen appliances have certainly evolved down through the years.

    Following the Second World War, factories that were converted to war use were repatriated for consumer production, meeting pent up consumer demand by Americans who were streaming out from teeming cities to newly emerging suburbs.


Those new homes were outfitted with contemporary kitchens filled with new and colorful appliances that many Americans began to enjoy for the very first time.

More than 60 years later, today’s kitchen appliances reflect our current tastes. Appliances that did not exist at the advent of suburbia’s boom, such as microwave ovens, are commonplace today and are joined by many other features that make our kitchens the most important room in the home.


Portable and in-sink dishwashers are still available and are ideal in homes where space is limited. A built-in dishwasher may prove more useful and can add value to your kitchen.

Modern dishwashers have multiple rinsing, washing and cleaning cycles allowing you to choose the right amount of water, pressure and heat levels for what ever you have to clean. A gentle cycle can handle crystal and china; an elongated cleaning cycle is useful for cleaning baked-on foods from serving dishes. Most dishwashers use much less water and are certified by Energy Star too. Dishwashers cost from $400 to well over $1,000.


It used to be a big thing when frost-free refrigerators hit the market. Instead of having to defrost the fridge on a regular basis, these new refrigerators did the job automatically. What a time saver for people that preferred to prepare food and not maintain equipment!

Today’s refrigerations go beyond keeping your food chilled and your frozen goods frozen. Ice makers are nothing new, but what you can find are sub-zero units with side-by-side refrigeration and freezer compartments that do exactly what you expect them to do. The refrigeration portion typically includes a glass face to make it easy to see what is inside. Some include a wine chiller, ideal for small homes where a wine cellar is not possible. Expect to pay from $5,000 to $10,000 or more for a sub-zero unit.


One person’s stove is another person’s oven. Consider the two as one in the same especially when the stove top and oven are combined. Then again, modern trends has the microwave stacked above the oven with the stove top (burners) to the side. This option can also allow for additional cabinets below the stove top as well as on both sides of the venting.

You’ll pay more for gas ranges than electric ranges, but the latter costs more to operate. Gas ranges make use of natural gas or propane; electric ranges utilize either coil or smooth tops. Also consider convection ovens that circulate heat with a fan. Ovens cost from $500 to $2,000 or more.

Kitchen Accessories

No kitchen is complete without a long list of accessories (small appliances) to flesh out this most important room. Toasters, coffee makers, blenders and electric can openers are the usual suspects. As are food processors, slow cookers, waffle makers and mixers. Modern trends bring in new items including bread machines, dehydrators, vacuum sealers, juicers, and sandwich makers. Ice cream machines are also in vogue, proving that today’s kitchens rival many restaurants in appliances used.

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