Sprucing Up the Home Office

Sprucing Up the Home Office
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    Many people have a secondary room that they might have converted into a home office.

    They've put in a desk, a chair, a lamp, a thinking couch, and their computers. But their walls are still bare - a white coloring that's surrounding a window and the door.


In other words, it’s pretty bland and boring.

Who says that your office can’t be fun and exciting? Take a look at businesses like Google and Apple – their offices are bright, airy, and cheerful; something must be working because both are usually ranked in the top ten for companies people wished they worked for. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sprucing up your home office with some pictures, art work, paint, or even some modern wall decals.

What Inspires You?

Do you like color? Greens, reds, or blues? Why not paint the walls those colors? Pick the color which most inspires you or that you enjoy looking at the most and paint the wall that your computer desk is facing. Even if you just paint the room one color, it doesn’t mean you switch the white walls with yellow or tan; Artwork, photos, or decals can be great and colorful representations of your thought processes or even creative endeavors.

Think about your desk at your work. Do you have pictures of your children or family on your desk? Or maybe some funny pictures or comic strips? Why not do the same thing for your home office? At least in your home office, you can choose what posters or images you want. Decals are great designs that you can put on the wall that will give them a decorative air, without you needing to figure out how to make them with your paint brush. In fact, you can use decals to make designs that might even halt your decision for painting the walls.

Are you a geek of some kind? Love Star Wars, Star Trek or Doctor Who? Maybe you find your inspiration in song lyrics or musical chords. Put up some Jedi, Starfleet, and TARDIS posters around the room; these can help you find inspiration when your brain may have stopped working. Another addition is a blank poster board or eisel. Ever get an idea and wish you could write it down or you maybe your a visual person, where you need to see things in front of you before you’re able to get started on something.

Don’t forget about artwork or even art in general. You don’t need to fly out to France or Italy to get something, there are plenty of local artists that are making interesting and abstract art or reinvisioning our concept of art everyday. if you can’t find one local, there’s the great Internet, which many artists use to promote and sell their work. Maybe you aren’t an art person, but you like design.

Why not put up your favorite comic strip? Again, thanks to the Internet, you don’t need to cut up your autographed Garfield or Peanuts collection; you just need a computer and a printer. What could be better than getting up and reading a particularly funny strip to put you in a better mood?

With so many ideas on fixing up your home office, the next quest will be finding the time to making your office the cheerful, fun environment you want!



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