8 Smart Ways to Baby Proof Your Home

8 Smart Ways to Baby Proof Your Home
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    And baby makes three.

    Life as you know it as a childless couple is now over.

    That's okay -- you now have a little bundle of joy to love and care for, an infant in arms who will soon be a toddler on the go.


You have some time to prepare your home for a wandering tot, but perhaps less time than you expect. Within six months he’ll be crawling and by nine months he could be taking his first steps. It is time for you to prepare the house, making it baby proof to keep your son or daughter safe.

1. Turn down the temperature. Hot water can scald a child and even very warm water can make your baby uncomfortable. Chances are your hot water heater is kicking out temps above 150 degrees. Lower it to 120 degrees and you’ll still enjoy a warm shower, while removing the risk of accidentally scalding your child.

2. Cover electrical outlets. Any electrical outlet that is uncovered can be accessed by your youngster, so plug these up. Don’t forget the extension chord outlet by your computer.

3. Childproof doors and drawers. Any door that a child can reach or a draw that your youngster can pull open, should be secured. Use childproof locks to keep him or her out and your pots and pans in.

4. Cover sharp areas. Look around your home as there are probably sharp areas everywhere. A coffee table. The fireplace threshold. A lamp. Cover these with foam rubber. Use throw pillows along the edge of the fireplace or place in front of a glass cabinet that little hands might smash.

5. Keep it up and out of the way. Little hands seem to find anything within reach. Remove pens, pencils, clips, papers, magazines, trinkets, magnets or anything else that can be grabbed and stuffed in your child’s mouth within moments.

6. Tighten loose bolts. Look around the house and inspect doors, windows and fixtures. Screws, bolts and assortment of tacks, pins and nails can be within your child’s reach, a danger that may be missed by big people.

7. Remove house plants. Do you know which house plants are poisonous? Neither do I. Make a point to move ALL live plants to a room where your child does not roam. Have a bottle of ipecac on hand just in case….

8. Secure furniture in place. That bookcase may be small to you, but it is big to your child. It might topple over and hurt her if she pushes up against it and it isn’t secure. Wobbly furniture should be removed and fixed so that it stays in place.

More Tips

You’ll also want to go around the home and make sure that appliance cords are wrapped tight, a choking hazard for any child. Doors, screens and glass are dangers too, cutting a child’s hand if she rams her hand through it. Make use of baby gates to control your child’s access areas and keep bathroom doors shut at all times.

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