Derecho Recovery and Homeowners Insurance

Derecho Recovery and Homeowners Insurance
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    The word "derecho" may not be part of most people's vocabulary, but it is a word you heard often over the past week.

    It is a Spanish word that is pronounced "day-ret-cho" and means right or straight, the type of winds that pummeled states from Ohio to Virginia.


The damage from the derecho was compared to a “land hurricane” by some as millions of homes lost power and many sustained damage. Trees were thrown down on cars and houses, roofs were blown off and sheds collapsed as the winds pushed through.

Like any storm system, your homeowner’s insurance policy can help you with your recovery, providing the financial assistance you need to get back on your feet. Please read on for instructions on how to make a claim with your insurer.

1. Assemble your case. You’ll need to explain to the home insurance company what your losses are. This means taking pictures of the damage, obtaining medical bills for injuries sustained, and tracking related expenditures such as hotel stays while you are displaced.

2. Contact your insurance agent. Call your insurer and explain that you are making a claim per your homeowners’ insurance policy. A contact number can be found on the policy with details explaining what is covered in a loss. If your home is inaccessible and the policy cannot be reached, ask a phone operator to be connected to the company.

3. Fill out paperwork. Your insurer may require you to fill out paperwork to detail your loss. Include copies of photos and related bills when submitting your claim.

4. Meet with an insurance adjuster. Your insurer will send an insurer to your home to view the damages. You shouldn’t wait for his or her arrival before securing your premises such as covering an exposed roof and removing a tree. The adjuster may write a check out on the spot to cover a portion of your loss.

5. Follow up with the insurance company. Your insurer may be swamped with claims, but will have boots on the ground to expedite your claim as swiftly as possible. Contact your insurer in 7 to 10 days if your claim is not settled. You may need to provide additional information including forms, bills and pictures.

Numerous Claims

The derecho followed on the heels of a massive wildfire in Colorado that also destroyed many homes. Record heat was behind much of the damage, causing an unusually large number of claims to be filed at once across the nation.



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