How to Seasonally Switch Over Your Closet

How to Seasonally Switch Over Your Closet
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    Many of us experience seasonal changes with the weather throughout the year and that means most of us have clothes for all types of weather.

    For those lucky enough to have a decent size closet, this can mean that the task of switching your clothes over during the seasons can be quite daunting.


If you have a smaller space to store clothes usually then the task isn’t too overwhelming. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter if your storage space is small or large, we all tackle the same problem of just how to declutter, organize and turn over our closets. Here are some tips on how to seasonally switch over your closet.

Begin with finding and sorting through the clothes you would like to have easy access to. Then. take them out of storage and ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Are there pieces of clothing you really don’t care for anymore?
  • Do any repairs need to be done on any pieces that you still haven’t gotten done yet?
  • Has the style come on gone on those denim shorts?
  • Do your clothes still fit they way you want them to?
  • Have your worn these pieces at least twice a season?

If it is looking like you can part with some pieces of clothing, then do it! You will then need to still find a home for them. Do you have a community yard sale coming up in your neighborhood? If so, try and sell your items there. Another alternative is to donate them. The best part about donating is that you know that you are making a difference for someone somewhere.

Once you complete the task of sorting through the clothes you want to have access to, start the same process with the clothes that you have been currently wearing (typically these pieces are hanging up in your closet or in your dresser drawers). Decide whether you’ll be keeping the items or donating them. By doing this task twice, you’ll make more space for your clothes.

Pack or store away your current wardrobe and replace it with your seasonal items. One of the best ways to store your clothes and save space at the same time is to invest in an under the bed storage container. These usually come in canvas or hard plastic and are shaped so that they easily slide right in between the bottom of your bed and the floor. These make great space savers and keeps items stored away out of sight as well.

Many of you may only switch your closets over twice a year, but doing it about for times of year keeps your wardrobe in check.

Ann Martin is a writer for Dinnerware Center, which has one of the best collections of dinnerware and flatware sets, such as the Oneida Mooncrest and the Oneida Flight. Ann is a freelance writer for other home and travel websites. When Ann is not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.



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Ann Martin

Ann Martin is a freelance writer for Dinnerware Center, which is home to an extensive collection of dinnerware and flatware sets. Ann is a writer for other home and cooking websites. When Ann is not writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.