Tips for Renovating a Small Den

Tips for Renovating a Small Den
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    Not everyone has the benefit of having a fully dedicated room they can use as a den.

    Many modern homes come equipped with dens while older homes simply lack the design, but not necessarily the space to create a dedicated work, study or relaxation area.


What many homes do have, however, are work areas including small bedrooms that are perfect for a small den. These rooms may have a small square footage such as 10×10 or smaller, but can be fully utilized as a small den despite the limited size. You may decide to do a complete overhaul of your den or make use of a few changes to give it a fresh look.

Set the mood — Should a den look different than most of your other rooms? Yes, especially if you have a certain usage idea in mind. For example, if you’re using your den for business purposes, then it must have an Internet connection, phone service if you rely on a land line, storage cabinets, a desk, office equipment and anything else to help your room focused on its intended purpose.

Update the flooring — Dens typically feature wood flooring, offering a look that is at once attractive as it is thematic. However, if you have a second floor small den, use carpeting instead as it creates a sound barrier for the floor below. Who wants to hear a chair moving around on the floor above when sitting in the living room watching television?

Modify lighting — Is your small den warm and inviting? Does it have adequate lighting? Dark dens require much electrical light, but you can gain more natural light by replacing heavy drapes with sheer curtains. You can also gain more light by installing a skylight in your upper floor den. Natural light will help you save on electricity too, a cost that can be driven up if you spend much time in that room.

Swap out your furnishings — Dens may include both office furniture and home furniture, the latter including a sofa, a chair and a coffee table. If you’re planning on new furniture for the living room, move your older pieces into the den. If the colors aren’t a good match for the room, slip covers can give you a quick and inexpensive furniture make over. Most slip covered sofas can match your decor and protect against nasty spills, stains, and pets!

Install book shelves — A small den can make good use of limited space by dedicating one wall completely to shelving. Consider wall to wall and ceiling to floor shelving, stocking shelves with books, displays and what have you. This can be especially helpful when floor space is a premium — everything you need to access is in one area, freeing up room for furniture and walking around the room.

Limited Room

If room in your home is very limited, consider dividing up an existing living space by creating a natural furniture barrier. One part of the room can be for entertaining — another part of the room can be for your den. You can also put in place a removable barrier such as a bi-fold door that you can customize to reflect your personality.



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