Unique Home Gift Ideas for Mom

Unique Home Gift Ideas for Mom


Christmas presents with home renovation in mind.

What will you be getting your mother this Christmas? If mother is advanced in age, widowed and finding it difficult to maintain her home on her own, then the gift of renovation is something loved ones should consider. Mom cannot do the work herself and yet another decoration or holiday gift from you isn’t something she needs. Rather, she could use some of your time and talent to help her keep here home looking good.

Let’s take a look at some ideal gift ideas for Mom this Christmas, home style edition:

Paint a room — There may be a room in mom’s house that has been neglected or simply needs a fresh coast of paint. Your gift can include priming the walls and painting the room to a color your mother wants. If the ceiling needs painting, then include that too. You’ll pay for the paint and related equipment, covering labor costs too.

Redo a closet — Perhaps mother needs more closet room or could benefit from a closet organizing system. Your project could be as simple as organizing her linen closet or maybe adding closet organizers to her bedroom closet. You’ll install the organizers and pick up the bill.

Protect a deck — Deck life can be extended by an annual power washing and laying a fresh coat of sealant. This isn’t something your mother would do, but would certainly appreciate such a gift of your time.

Clean out a garage or atticGarage or attic clutter can overwhelm any homeowner. For the elderly relative, these projects are typically beyond what they can or should do. Bring the kids over on a Saturday and organize one or both areas of the house. Find out which items your mother would like to have hauled out and take it to the dump or to the donation center yourself.

Resod the lawn — The landscaper who tends your mother’s lawn has been wanting to resod her lawn for the past few years. The cost, however, is prohibitive and is a real budget buster. Allow mother to pay for the sod and make it springtime family event to resod her lawn. If your budget can handle it, then pay for the sod too.

Plant flowers — You’ll have to wait until the last frost passes, but planting flowers can certainly help brighten up a yard. Mom may still garden, but additional hands to help plant annuals and perennials, replace a dead bush, set up a trellis or put in a new bird bath are certainly welcome. Give mom an arrangement of flowers for Christmas and tell her that the rest of your gift will come on a May saturday.

So, how do you give such a gift? That’s easy — simply type up a nicely formatted letter identifying what you will do and sign it. Place that letter in a box and wrap it in Christmas paper. Mom won’t know what you’re giving her until she opens her present, what will likely prove to be one of the most helpful and useful presents she has receive in some time.



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