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Kitchen and Dining

6 Contemporary Kitchen Countertop Solutions

Tweet There are several surface options available to you including the following. 1. Granite countertops — Granite just may be the most popular choice for homeowners and that should be

Kitchen and Dining

Cheap Kitchen Countertop Options

Being stuck with an outdated kitchen can be a nuisance, but kitchen renovations are expensive, and sometimes they just don’t fall within your budget. Instead of being stuck with an outdated kitchen for a long period of time, try making smaller updates whenever possible.


Shaw “Dream It Do It” Fall Flooring Sale Inspired by Home Renovators

Tweet When Virginia Smith, of Knoxville, Tenn., finally had the time and money to replace her old, tired carpet, she knew exactly what she’d choose to replace it. With nearly


Great Looking, Durable, Affordable and Easy-to-Install

Selecting a floor….you know how it’s done. First, you choose the look you like – stones, woods, perhaps something avant-garde?


Factors to Consider with Quick-Step Flooring

When investing in home improvement, there are numerous details to take care of, and it’s often hard to figure out the best areas in which to save, and where to splurge. A good place to start is with the floor, as this will often influence the entire feel of the room and its décor.