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Hardwood Flooring Trends You Need To Know

Hardwood is one of the commonly used materials in making floors. The best part about hardwood is that it allows you to choose a floor design that suits your preferences.

General News

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpeting

Most home renovation projects include decisions about flooring. These may range from simply refreshing existing flooring by refinishing or cleaning it to replacing the floors from the subfloor up.


Finding the Flooring for You: Pros and Cons of Carpet, Hardwood, and Tile

If you are looking for new flooring for your home, it can seem overwhelming at first. After all, your floors are one of the first things people will notice about your home.


Awesome 2014 Floor Plans for Your Suburban Home

There are few home improvement projects that can make as much of a difference to your home as floor coverings can. The floor plan choices seem endless while answering to your sense of aesthetics or providing the right feel for the room.

Home Decor

5 Kid-Friendly Floor Ideas and Your Home

Tweet Speaking of flooring, there are certain ways that you can decorate a child’s bedroom in a bid to maintain its looks and keep your children safe. 1. Opt for


Great Looking, Durable, Affordable and Easy-to-Install

Selecting a floor….you know how it’s done. First, you choose the look you like – stones, woods, perhaps something avant-garde?


Flooring Materials: Making the Right Choice

Tweet You have many choices available when considering flooring materials along with variations based on color, size, styles and cost. Quality of materials is important too which means you must


Factors to Consider with Quick-Step Flooring

When investing in home improvement, there are numerous details to take care of, and it’s often hard to figure out the best areas in which to save, and where to splurge. A good place to start is with the floor, as this will often influence the entire feel of the room and its décor.