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Swimming Pools

The Chemistry Behind Keeping a Clean Pool That You Need to Know

Tweet However, there are many other details that stem from having an at-home pool surrounding the cleanliness and proper sanitization of the water. While the term “swimming pool chemistry” may

Renovation Designs

A Luxurious Lifestyle: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Vacation Spot

Tweet It should be your favorite place to spend your free time. Why take an expensive trip when you could love the home you already have? Try these tips to

Swimming Pools

Get Ready to Swim: A Checklist for Backyard Pool Installations

Tweet Keep these four concerns in mind when creating your checklist for a backyard pool installation. Securing All Permits and Insurance Policies Constructing a swimming pool for your backyard requires

Swimming Pools

Digging In: What to Check Before You Install an In-Ground Pool

Tweet In-ground pools represent a major investment and when done properly can add considerable value to your home. Mark Utilities Backyards often have utility lines that run through the property

Swimming Pools

Putting in a Pool? Five Services You’ll Need to Call

With summer just around the corner, its time to think about putting in that pool you’ve always wanted. Installing an in-ground pool is a complex task, and it takes specialists from many different trades to accomplish.

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What You Should Know About Fire Pits

Tweet Fire pits can be operated ‘year round including in the middle of a harsh winter, offering respite for sleigh riders, skiers and snowboarders alike. Here’s what you need to

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Pool Solutions: Three Steps for a Backyard Paradise

Tweet However, for many people the backyard Holy Grail is an awesome swimming pool. Few things allow the heat of summer to slip by comfortably like swimming pools do. However,

Swimming Pools

New Swimming Pool Considerations

Tweet Before you invest in a new swimming pool, the following considerations should be kept in mind. Your Budget How much are you willing to pay for a new swimming

Swimming Pools

How to Prepare Your Pool for the Season

Tweet Soil may need to be overturned, bushes can be trimmed and debris picked up following a series of winter and spring storms. It isn’t too early to think about


Backyard Remodel: What’s Your Swimming Pool Personality?

Tweet With heating and covering options, these are dream backyards for any time of year. The Smooth Operator WWHD? What would “Hef” do? This is the question you should be

Swimming Pools

Choosing a Pool for Your Backyard

Tweet Your pool will make your backyard the most popular destination in the neighborhood. Read ahead for more information and guidance for pool installation: Differences Between Pool Types Every pool

Swimming Pools

How to Prepare Your Swimming Pool for Winter

Tweet Of course, if you live in Hawaii or south Florida, you may use your pool year ’round. For everyone else, preparing a swimming pool for winter involves several important

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Above Ground or In-Ground: Which Pool is Right for You?

After so many hot, summer days, many arrive at the same conclusion: It is time to get a pool. Pools provide a great place to exercise, spend time with friends and family and, perhaps most importantly, a place to cool off when the summer heat becomes too intense.

Swimming Pools

Steps to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Installing a swimming pool can add value to your home and offer countless hours of entertainment and relief from hot weather. Swimming pools can also prove expensive, requiring extensive changes to your yard before a pool can be installed.