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Home Decor

5 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

Tweet The fascination and attraction to natural light encourage residents to embrace natural light throughout the home. Simple renovation ideas will allow natural light to blanket the entire house with

Home Interior Design

3 Ways You Can Start Using Mirrors to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

Tweet Mirrors serve more purposes than simply showing you your reflection. They can also dramatically improve the appearance of your home. In fact, many shops and retailers use mirrors to

Just Bath

Relaxing Bath: How to Change Your Bathroom into a Spa

Tweet Incorporate these ideas into your next remodeling project so that you can make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Bring in the Natural Light There are a few

Home Lighting

Five Tips to Gain More Natural Light In Your Home

Opening windows, flipping blinds around and spreading curtains are obvious ways to get more natural light in a room.

Home Lighting

The Effects of Bad Lighting in the Home

Tweet If you are planning a renovation project, you will want to ensure that the update at least maintains the current lighting level with perhaps additional illumination options considered to

Lighting and Decor

Renovation Inspiration: Lighting

One important home improvement project that is easy to undertake, cost effective and can yield important changes is your home’s lighting. For the exterior of your home, flood lights can light up your home and provide an important safety advantage. On the interior of your home, lighting can do wonders to brighten up a room or offer subtleties to reflect your mood.