5 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

5 Renovation Ideas to Increase the Natural Light in Your Home
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    No amount of interior light can replicate natural light’s beauty.

    Natural light is warm, bright, welcoming, and cost-free.


The fascination and attraction to natural light encourage residents to embrace natural light throughout the home. Simple renovation ideas will allow natural light to blanket the entire house with ease. Helping your home bring in more natural light will change the way your home feels for the better and it should help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Install New Glass

The obvious answer to increasing light is installing new windows. Specifically, large windows channel more clear sunbeams than small windows. A second idea is to add glass doors. Glass entry doors, screen doors, and interior doors reflect light equal to windows.

These doors double a decorative piece alongside any home decor and act as a barrier between the inside and outside. A third is to add skylights in the area where the sun is brightest.

Paint Eaves White

The overhang excess created by the roof is eaves. Those eaves reflect sunlight, which means it’s a source of sunlight. Make use of this area by painting it white.

White is a better reflector of natural light than dark colors, which absorb sunlight. Paint the bottom side only to get the benefit without damaging curb appeal.

Paint Ceilings White

The eaves aren’t the only thing to paint white. While painting the walls a brighter color is debatable, there’s no argument about painting ceilings white. A white ceiling is easier for light to bounce off and illuminate the home than darker colors. You should also consider painting your walls a white or lighter color as well. This will not only just make the room look lighter during the day, but it will also make the room feel larger as well. If you have dark colors in the room, it will feel smaller and give you a very different feel than one that can bring in more light.

Hang Mirrors near Windows

A mirror bounces light from windows to light up dark spaces and increase light in well-lit spaces. Mirrors are equally brilliant at reflection. When lights bounce from it, it makes a small room appear larger. Add a mirror across from a window, next to it, or perpendicular to it to achieve the desired effect.

Revamp Landscaping

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A sure-fire way to increase natural light is to revamp landscaping. Trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers block the sun from entering the home. To gain light throughout the home, cut limbs, trees, tall bushes, and sun-blocking shrubs.

Likewise, replant new greenery in an area away from windows to repair lost landscaping. Gain more sunlight by removing hanging flowerbeds from the outside window.

All homes appreciate natural light. These suggestions will increase natural light’s presence in the home by expanding the light provided throughout the home instead of one or two rooms. Natural light decreases the dependence on interior light. Your wallet and bank account will thank you. Plus your home will have a much fresher and better feel to it than it had before the renovation.

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