Can’t Afford a Complete Home Security System? Here Are 5 Good Alternatives to Protect Your Home

Can’t Afford a Complete Home Security System? Here Are 5 Good Alternatives to Protect Your Home
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    A complete security camera is one of the best protections you can get for your home.

    It can deter burglars away, notify you in case of a break in or get immediate help if necessary.


Unfortunately, such systems can get fairly expensive. And the more devices and features you include, the higher the price will be.

If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise the safety of your family and home, here are 5 cheap but effective alternatives you can use.

  • Motion sensor lights

    Empty houses are the most common victims of burglary since they pose less threat of identification and even confrontation. Installing motion sensor lights are great in tricking potential burglars and intruders into thinking that someone is at home.

    Apart from that, it can also alert nearby neighbors that something suspicious is happening in your home. Motion sensor lights are best installed in your entryways and other areas burglars might choose to avoid detection.

  • Wooden dowels

    Wooden dowels aren’t that expensive but they can keep your sliding doors and windows fairly secure. And you can easily buy them from your local hardware and craft stores. You can insert a wooden dowel into the track of your sliding door or window to keep it in place, even if a burglar decides to bypass its locks.

    Just make sure that the dowel fits the track perfectly. If not, take extra care in cutting the dowel and make sure that it fits snugly. To keep it in place, you may want to secure it with a piece of tape to the window.

  • Fake security camera

    If investing in a real security camera proves to be too much for your budget, get fake cameras instead. Position them in high areas, pointing towards your home. The idea is to make them as noticeable as possible to scare burglars away.

    Take note, however, that a fake system can only work to deter burglars but it won’t be enough to prevent any break in. It won’t even give you any hard evidence in case a burglary does happen.

  • Security stickers

    Even though you don’t have a security system in place, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way you can make people think otherwise. Setting up a few security stickers around your home can make people believe you have a good system up and running.

    Position the stickers where they can easily be seen, like your front door, back door and front gate. Stick some on your windows, too.

  • Door locks

    Your door locks are the first things you need to secure if you want to protect your home. Make sure that they are resistant against picking and bumping. You should also check if your locks have long screws that are firmly installed into the frame of your door.

    If yours don’t fit any of these things, consider upgrading your locks. Even if you have a steel exterior door and great locks, they won’t be enough to prevent burglary if they are not installed properly.

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