A Strong Defense: Features to Add to Your Fences That Make Your Home More Secure

A Strong Defense: Features to Add to Your Fences That Make Your Home More Secure
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    In many cases, a strong fence is your home's first defense against intruders and thieves.

    You need to make your fence as strong, tall, and solid as possible to keep your home secure.


City ordinances and your neighborhood association may limit how tall your fence can be and whether you can include a spiked top to keep people from climbing over, but there are still many things you can do to make your fence work better for you.

By making a few simple adjustments to your fence, you make your home less attractive to intruders. When your fence is more secure, so is your home.


When building a new fence, start with concrete footings so posts won’t blow over or be easily toppled by wind or other hazards. Both chain-link and wood fences are stronger and more protective when the posts holding them up are set in concrete.

Fence footings should go down into the ground about one-third to one-half the height of the fence above ground. That means a six-foot fence needs footings that go down at least two feet, and preferably three, to hold the fence up in any condition.


Privacy adds to security because when criminals can’t see your possessions, they aren’t tempted by them. Because wood fences are usually made with planks, they help naturally protect your privacy, but chain-link fences are much easier to see through.

For a chain-link fence, a product like Pexco brand silver fence weave is a smart choice. Fence weave makes it difficult to see through a fence.

If you have cars or expensive equipment in your yard, you don’t want thieves to be able to see it. Fence weave can also hide messes that might be in your yard, keeping city inspectors away.

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If you do have a wood fence and want to add some extra privacy to it, use overlapping boards. These make it difficult for outsiders to peek in through cracks.


Don’t overlook the importance of good locks when assessing the security of your fence. Padlocks are most common, but consider disc locks with partially hidden shanks. These are difficult to pry open, which makes them a good choice for gates that are rarely used and not in sight of the house.

While a professional criminal may not be deterred by a locked gate, a good lock is enough to deter curious kids and troublemakers. For gates that don’t have good closures, use a cut-resistant chain with a padlock.



Adding landscaping near your fence can help deter criminals from entering by creating an obstacle course. Dense plants like yew, laurel, and bamboo can form a physical barrier.

Consider adding gravel between new plantings or those spaced far apart. Criminals like to be quiet, and it’s impossible to walk across or jump onto gravel without making noise. Vines on fences can also be hard for intruders to navigate.

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If allowed in your area, an eight-foot fence may be the best way to keep unwanted visitors out of your yard because few people can scale a fence that tall.

If you can’t put up something that high, make your fence as strong as possible, protect your privacy, and use locks and landscaping as deterrents. Every obstacle discourages intruders, so include as many obstacles on and around your fence as you can.

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