How to Improve Your Home Security in 5 Easy Ways

How to Improve Your Home Security in 5 Easy Ways
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    A burglar is out for one thing – to find a house that's easy to break in.

    If your home looks protected enough, chances are they'll move on to another target.


Even if they try to enter, there’s a huge chance they’ll fail or get caught. Therefore, improving your home security makes a lot of sense. But how exactly do you do this? Here are five tips that might be exactly what you need.

Don’t let it look empty

When away from your home for an extended period of time, don’t let your house look empty. Burglars want to avoid confronting the homeowner and prefer breaking in when no one’s home.

Luckily, there are so many things you can do to stop burglars from finding out that you’re away. For example, talk to your neighbors and ask them to collect your mail and mow your lawn.

If you’re not friends with them, consider leaving a few lamps on in the house while you’re away. Also, stop your mail delivery while you’re away to make sure your mailbox doesn’t give you away.

Get window locks

Windows are known to be the easiest entry points for burglars. While most homeowners arm their first-floor windows, they often forget about the ones on their second floor.

Don’t make the same mistake and get window locks for all windows in your home. This even includes the ones in your basement and your attic.

Once a burglar sees they can’t enter your home through a window, they might give up and move on to another target. The best part of this is that window locks are affordable and easy to install.

Set up a security system

No matter what tips and tricks you follow, your home needs a good security system. Burglars rarely target homes with security systems so they’re the best protection you can get. Just make sure you opt for the right security system.

To do this, evaluate your neighborhood and your house. You can even contact local authorities and ask them for a recommendation.

The good news is that there are security systems for absolutely every type of home. For example, you can get a good RV camera system and protect your living quarters from your vehicle.

Light up your landscape

Burglars will always do everything they can to avoid being seen. So, if there’s enough light in your front and back yard, they might give up entering your home.

smart home security systembarking dog alarm

      some home security ideas to consider      

Get the right lighting options and place them along pathways and near any constructions you have outside. Not only will these things make burglars skittish but they’ll also prevent you from stumbling in the dark. Motion-activated lights are your safest bet but outdoor lights with a timer will also do the trick.

Forget the “hide-a-key”

So many homeowners have a “hide-a-key” without even realizing that it makes it much easier for burglars to break in. The problem with it is that you have to put it in a place that’s easy to find and remember. Do this and you’ll make it easy for the burglar to find it as well.

other valuable tips:

Also, they might just see you use it and come back when no one’s home. Instead of keeping a spare key in your backyard, get a smart door lock you can open with both a key and a unique user code. Share the code with people you trust and you won’t need a “hide-a-key” ever again.

There are so many things you can do to add layers of security to your home. The more of them you opt for, the less likely your home is to be targeted by burglars. Start with the five things covered in this post and your home will be safer than ever before.

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