Tips For Securing Exterior Buildings

Tips For Securing Exterior Buildings
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    Whether you have an outdoor shed or building that you use to store tools, bikes, etc. in, ...

    ... or you are responsible for the security of public buildings like sports club facilities, ...

    ... you will want to make sure that the building is as secure and vandal-proof as you can make it.


There are a few security features worth considering, such as:

  • Codelock

    For public buildings that need to be used by different groups of people, a codelock is a good way of keeping it secure. When people are sharing keys, they can either forget to lock up or leave it unlocked and unattended for short periods of time. This is perfect for thieves to take advantage of, therefore having a codelock will ensure the door is always locked when the door closes behind them.

  • Lighting

    There are lots of different lighting options that will help deter potential thieves, for both homes and public buildings. Motion sensor lighting or led flood lighting will draw attention to areas that you want to keep secure, making it less likely to be targeted by thieves or vandals.

  • Alarms

    Similar to indoor alarms for the home, you can easily install one for the outdoor of the building. From ones with motion sensors to ones that identify when a window or door has been forced opened. There are a variety of alarms all differing in cost and effectiveness. Make sure to research which would be better suited for your building.

  • Fencing

    By putting high fencing that is hard to penetrate around the building, you can make it a lot more secure. Thieves will easily be put off by having to go to any extra effort, and a fence can go a long way in persuading them it is too much hard work.

  • Don’t keep valuables

    If you have a shared public building, don’t leave valuables on-site if possible. They are hard to keep safe especially when there are large numbers of people coming and going. If you do need to store valuables on-site, then make sure that there is an added level of security such as locked, steel cabinets or even a safe.

  • Window locks

    A large number of break-ins come through people prying open windows. If you have windows on your building, make sure to have steel bars erected around the window or have good window locks fitted. Window locks are an easy fix and will make it a lot harder for a burglar to get in.

  • CCTV

    Having CCTV installed is another good way of deterring would-be thieves and vandals as proof of breaking in can easily be sent to the police. You can buy CCTV equipment for a fairly reasonable price these days. This is an easy way to deter suspicious characters from breaking and entering.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of incidences of burglary and vandalism. However, there are plenty of ways to secure your property easily and conveniently.

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