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How Home Renovation can Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Tweet If you are planning to start a home renovation project, you will need to do more than just get permits for major upgrades. As you budget and plan for


Home Insurance and Recording Your Valuable Inventory

Tweet You can use an inventory list provided by your home insurance company or find one through your state’s department of insurance. Along with much details, take photos of your


Why You Should Hire A Landscape Designer

Tweet You are considering several changes to the environment that may have a big impact in the way that property looks as well as how its natural habitat reacts to


Find a Good Balance Between Your Insurance Premiums and Your Home Mortgage

Owning a home may be the American Dream, but this dream does not come cheap. Between your mortgage payments, your insurance premiums, and all of your recurring bills, managing your bills and maintaining your home can get expensive if you do not know how to balance everything.


Just Renovated Your Home? You Might Need Better Contents Insurance

So you’ve just renovated your house or flat, made it into a home of which you can be proud and increased its market value. What could possibly go wrong?


Renovating? Make Sure Your Home Insurance has You Covered.

Tweet Castle Cover House Insurance With the UK housing market remaining precarious, many homeowners who are struggling to sell their homes are choosing to stay put and improve their properties

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Home Renovation Refinancing Options

Tweet Home Renovation Refinancing Options Are you looking to renovate your home so that you can prepare for a new family member? Perhaps you are dreaming of a new home


Home Renovation Safety

Tweet While DIY home renovations can be a good way to save money in these tough economic times, failing to take proper safety measures or complete the work “to code”