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Home Financing

Documents to Gather For Refinancing Your Home

It is time to refinance your home, what will allow you to lock in a lower rate or opt for a variable interest rate loan that could save you money. Or, you may be looking at the equity in your home and have decided to tap it to make repairs, finish a room, or pay down your debt.

Home Financing

How to Shop for a Mortgage

The mortgage market is more complex than it was before the last recession hit, making it more difficult for consumers to obtain financing.

Home Financing

How to Refinance Your Home

Homeowners enticed by historically low interest rates are considering refinancing their homes. This may be an option for you as well, especially if you took out a mortgage several years ago and are paying an interest rate that is at least one point higher than your current rate.

Home Financing

When NOT to Refinance Your Home

The push to encourage homeowners to refinance is a strong one with lenders, bankers and other interested parties dangling low, fixed rates that are almost hard to believe.

Home Financing

No Closing Cost Refi? Yes, They’re Still Around

If you’re considering taking on a home improvement project, one way you can fund the work is to refinance your current mortgage.