Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials and Inspirations

Luxury Bathroom Decor Essentials and Inspirations
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    A bathroom isn’t just a place to wash and take care of your daily needs.

    It is a sanctuary where you’re safe from all the troubles and stress of the world.


In your most intimate hour, you should be in an environment that simply breathes beauty and luxury. This is why ordinary bathroom design isn’t enough for the busy modern man or woman who already has too much on their mind. A luxurious bathroom helps you relax and recharge from the world. All you need is a little inspiration using these bathroom decor essentials.

Add a sunken bathtub

Every bathroom needs a tub, but every luxurious bathroom needs a sunken tub. There’s nothing more relaxing than sinking into the floor and enjoying your surrounding from a whole different angle. Sunken bathrooms are also great because they basically give you your own little pool of luxury.

While you’re bathing, you can freely place your hands on the floor next to you for more comfort and line the bath with scented candles without fear they’ll fall in. As well as that, the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom goes up a whole level.

freestanding bathtubfreestanding bathtub faucet

Use marble

Tiles are cute, but they’re not luxurious. Using marble for your bathroom design gives you an edge over all other bathrooms. After all, there’s nothing better than stepping into a white marble bathroom. It looks brighter, it’s easy to maintain, and it gives you the sophistication you were craving. Think of all the five-star hotels you visited. Didn’t all the bathrooms have marble in them? Now you can enjoy that vacation and pampering feel every day.

Don’t be afraid to combine marble with a bit of gold for an extra kick of luxury. These two materials go excellently together and will completely transform any ordinary bathroom.

A rain shower

The rain seems romantic and artistic, even fun to play in until you actually step under it. Then it’s just cold, your clothes are sticking to you, and you’re wondering if you’ll get sick. No matter how relaxing the drops may feel on your skin, you have to admit that the results of playing in the rain aren’t worth it. Well, with a rain shower, you’ll get to enjoy rain whenever you like at whatever temperature you like.

Nothing spells luxury more than a relaxing and high-quality shower. The way the water falls is more convenient, makes you really feel at home, and does wonder for releasing the tension in your muscles. If you want to step it up a notch, you can also add LED lights.

rain shower headshower head system

Add a bidet

A typical western bathroom doesn’t include a bidet, but a luxurious European or eastern does. Bidets are associated with the high life in France, as this is where they originated from. Aside from adding some spice to your bathroom, they’re also better for your health and for the world around you. You won’t need to use as much toilet paper, thus contributing to lower market demand, and your privates will be much cleaner.

Finding luxurious bidets in an online bidet shop is very easy and convenient, allowing you to find the perfect bidet in just a few clicks. This handy French fixture can match the rest of your bathroom design and tie it together, while also giving you a new way to pamper yourself. This is especially true for women, as bidets are extremely convenient (and healthy) for keeping up hygiene at that time of the month.

Don’t forget the bath caddy

Even though a caddy isn’t part of a bigger bathroom renovation process, it’s still invaluable for your luxurious bathroom needs. When you’ve had a long and hard day, all you want to do is relax in a warm and fragrant bubble bath, with maybe some wine and a good book.

The problem is that you can barely place your belongings in the bath without risking them getting wet.

You can’t really watch your show or check up on social media in the bath, either, as the technology could get wet very easily. It seems that luxury and relaxation are just slipping between your fingers. With a bamboo caddy, this won’t be a problem anymore. You’ll have a designated place for your snacks and drinks, and will even be able to place your electronics on the tray safely.

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The luxurious decor you put in your bathroom will only serve to relax you and give you a taste of the high life. You’ll finally have a place you can call your own. There you can unwind and be yourself despite everything going on on the other side of the door. The creative and luxurious design will be key to introducing serenity and peace. With these bathroom decor essentials tips, you’re bound to enjoy your bathroom on a whole new level.

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