5 Big Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

5 Big Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home
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While you can grab some gardening tools to clear your bushy landscape to increase your home’s value, you might want to consider adding value to your home by making some home improvements to make it more functional, aesthetic and competitive. This is because simply offering a low price won’t attract prospective clients to your home, let alone make a lasting impression on them.

When buyers visit your neighborhood, they want to see a remarkable house with great features to entice them to take up the offer. Thus, it is always important to have a turnkey home when they come over and there is no better way to do this than with the assistance of a professional.

So which home improvements can you make to your home?

1. Painting

The first thing that a potential buyer will assess in your home is the exterior. This is why you need to ensure that it looks great both in and outside. If your home appears old, ugly or dilapidated, chances are that they will quickly move to check out the next property (something you do not ever want).

Moreover, there’s nothing quite appealing like a fresh coat of paint on a home to make it modern, appealing and fresh. However, you should refrain from using bold shades like lime green since it can give the wrong perceptions. Preferably, you should consult a home improvements specialist to guide you on this front and possibly give you a preview of your color selection.

2. Make the most of natural light with clever design

In as much as the cost of lighting fixtures will vary, you need to change your old-fashioned hanging lights in your home with creatively designed and placed lighting fixtures to upgrade your home’s value.

Since no buyer wants to reside in a dark home, you need to check your home’s current lighting. Moreover, that lighting can add that special touch of décor that is missing to make it more homely and relaxing. In fact, also adding some night lighting to your outdoors can make it more modern and appealing.

3. New kitchen, bathroom, laundry

Indeed, the heart of every home is the kitchen. Thus, if you are intent on renting out or selling your home, you need to upgrade your kitchen. This is because prospective clients want a functional workspace which has good bench-tops, cupboards and taps.

You also need to make some updates to your bathroom and laundry room. While you can get new cabinetry, showers tubs and toilets, this may not necessarily increase your home’s value. You need to make the proper home improvements for your bathroom and laundry by making them more functional, orderly and fresh in appearance.

For this, you can hire a specialist to paint the walls, clean and replace the tile grouts, check your exhaust fan, repair any bathtub chips and any other issues to make it more appealing which will ultimately add to its value. In fact, you can even go a step further and replace those old lighting fixtures with those which are more energy efficient.

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4. Outdoor entertainment

Since most people love their barbecues, pool parties and outdoor spaces, you need to ensure that yours also fits that bill. Therefore, that your outdoor entertaining areas ought to be well maintained and appealing should come as no surprise. And given the fact that outdoor entertainment spaces today have become quite the social hubs for fostering new and current relationships in addition to acting as relaxing zones, ensuring they feature some of the latest upgrades is quite important for your home in adding its value.

All you need to do is to ensure that your planned outdoor entertaining area matches the rest of your home’s style. A home improvement contractor can help you come up with a logical way to go about it as well as give you pointers on the best way to achieve that spark’ to make it stand out.

5. Add space with open plan living

You also need to add some space to your living area which will entail knocking out non-structural walls or even getting rid of that kitchen island and putting it somewhere more preferable. This is important because adding space can create that sense of flow in the house which will resonate quite well with those buyers who are choosy. In fact, space will not only add value, it will also make moving around easier, the home more comfortable and increase the property’s value.

How do you get started?

Overall, though it might seem overwhelming, it is important to tackle one issue at a time with the help of a professional. Not only will they ensure that your home’s appeal increases, but also its value. Making those home improvements can make all the difference if your home is not yet up to par in attracting people.

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