Spec Plan I: HVAC

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Spec Plan-I looks at your home's heating and cooling systems (HVAC) and control monitors. Check out the new alternative HVAC systems to reduce home energy costs.

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spec planning: heating and cooling

Spec Plan I: Heating and Cooling

what need to do —

Select type of HVAC system:

— gas heat
— radiator distribution
— centralized air, etc.

  • Note type of HVAC and distribution system. Also note any alternative energy systems such as solar, wind, etc.
  • Consider split HVAC zones for 2-story homes or for homes larger than 2500 sq. feet.


Take a look at climate control systems that can pay for themselves over time

  • Double check placement of air registers and other duct work. Registers should be place under windows for better air circulation and not in areas of the room that impede the placement of furniture.
  • Ask your local utility, gas company, or HVAC supplier for an energy audit. They will recommend the most efficient placement for HVAC systems. A little extra design can save you later in lost energy costs.
  • Your duct system should support air flow for allergy control and other potential irritants.


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Check mechanical codes:

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spec planning: heating and cooling

Getting Started

Step 1: develop the plan

  • take a completed draft of the HVAC spec sheet to your architect or planner, who will can customize a remodeling plan or revise an existing plan that meets your specs.
  • use your spec sheet and floor plan to bid the construction project out to contractors
    HVAC spec sheet


Step 2: get required building permits


Step 3: find pre-screened contractors and other service providers

find HVAC contractors

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Helpful Tools

Some helpful forms for making remodeling decisions:

home improvement guide
home remodeling checklist
remodeling specification sheet
contractor evaluation form