ideas: photo analysis: Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

<span>photo analysis:</span> Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

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  • Laundry - it has to be done. But thanks to technology, we can do our laundry in the convenience of your home.

    But many of us are limited to a small area. So what can you do to your laundry room to make it functional and easier to manage?

    Let's review some basic laundry room needs.

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small laundry room ideas

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  • Fit The Appliances:

    the first items for any laundry room are the appliances – both washer and dryer. In this particular scenario, you might want to have a front-load washer and dryer in order to support a counter-top.

  • These appliances need to be nicely position in the corner – will all applicable electrical and plumbing hook-ups – to allow for maximum space utilization.
  • If your laundry room space is even smaller, you might want to consider stackable washer-dryer to allow room for a countertop (discussed below).
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  • Install a Counter-Top:

    with the appliances in place, your next best option for laundry management is a countertop that spans over the appliances to the full length of the room. As illustrated, the counter-top is supported by a cabinet base that can be used for maintenance and storage.

  • You will find the countertop a useful work area for sorting and folding laundry, applying stain and other fabric maintenance, and general laundry management.
  • One option you might consider is the section of the countertop over the appliances to have a fold up hinge or removal latch so that you can perform maintenance on the appliances if needed. As currently shown, any maintenance would require pulling out the appliances without giving easy assess to electrical, plumbing and venting connections.
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  • Add a Laundry Sink:

    if space allows, you will want to add a laundry sink. The plumbing for laundry room is already there with both water and drainage – so extend these connections to a laundry sink.

  • The sink will certainly come in handy – especially when you need to pre-soak clothing prior for washing. And when pets and children have those accidents, the laundry sink is the best place to pre-clean any mess before dropping it into the washer.
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  • Add Cupboard Space:

    use the cupboard space for laundry detergents, fabric cleaners, bleach, dryer sheets and all other items to do laundry.

  • As for home utility, use these cabinets to store flashlights, repellents, matches, lighter fluid and all other such items that need a central location for easy find and access.
  • And don’t forget to use the cupboards for storing pool and/or beach towels during the summer. You will find these cupboard spaces very handy and valuable.
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  • Mount a Hanging Rack:

    something that will be useful – especially when having to remove shirts and other cotton fabrics from the dryer to keep them from wrinkling. Simply hang them up when you retrieve them from the dryer.

  • These bars can also be used to air dry special fabrics that shouldn’t be placed in the dryer.
  • FIND: laundry hanging rack wall mount
    FIND: wall mount folding rack
  • Don’t Forget Some Decor:

    the laundry room can be kind of boring – let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting room in the house.

  • So let’s decorate it. Start with a simple houseplant that does well with moist air or some decorative wall pieces to remind the family of important do’s and don’ts of laundry.
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  • Final Observation:

    regardless of your laundry room size, the goal is to make it functional. A countertop is a must item no matter how you can fit it in for folding and laundry management. Cupboards are next for laundry organization and storage. And if room permits, add a laundry sink.

  • These basic items – no matter how you arrange it given the limited space – will make doing laundry so much easier.

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