The Laundry Room and Chore is no Longer a Bore!

The Laundry Room and Chore is no Longer a Bore!
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    You can turn your laundry room and your laundry chore into an interesting experience by using what you've already got.

    If you have a dollhouse, you can even use that!


Washing clothes is a chore you can’t avoid, but leaves you with lots of satisfaction at the end of the day. You know your family has a clean set of clothes to wear the next day, and clearing all your wash baskets makes your home look so much tidier.

However at times, you may get bored with the chore; so to make things better, here are some tips to spruce up the laundry room, where you spend lots of time doing your laundry!

Save space and look neat

It’s possible to make your laundry room look neat and organized by fitting in an ironing board which neatly folds up out of the way into a customized drawer when not in use. If you are looking for something cheaper, you could consider an ironing cupboard, a shallow cabinet which holds not only your foldaway ironing board but also all your washing supplies. Then again, if you’re on a tight budget, there’s always the over-the-door ironing board you could use!

Make use of whatever you have

It may not be practical or feasible for everyone to spend money on a major renovation of their homes and laundry space. You need to make use of whatever you have to create practical and useful changes to your available space, like placing a vintage table in the middle of your washer and dryer. This provides for additional storage, particularly for things like all your washing powders and liquids.

Double your efficiency

If you are a large family, washing all those clothes takes so much of your time and patience. So why not have two stackable units instead of one to save on space and time? If you have the space in your laundry room, you can also fit an oversized table to use for folding and ironing your clothes, mending your clothes and also to work out on your child’s crafts while waiting for the laundry.

Doll houses can help too!

You can also spruce up your laundry room by making creative use of things you no longer use. If you have an old doll house, you can now use it for practical reasons and not to play and get entertained with! Use decorative brackets to anchor it to the wall and it becomes the center of attraction of your boring laundry room. Use the doll house rooms to store all your required laundry supplies.

Now that you know how you can maximize the use of your laundry room and time, and spruce up the room, why not share your tips with your friends looking for similar help? Just share this article on the social media and tell your friends how this article can make their laundry chore and room more interesting and lively!

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