ideas: topic analysis: What Should You Look For In a New Electric Generator

<span>topic analysis:</span> What Should You Look For In a New Electric Generator

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  • What should you look for in a new electric generator?

    While price is a consideration, you can't afford a cheap generator that doesn't work or requires more effort than it is worth.

    Here are the top factors to consider when shopping for a new electric generator.

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electric generator
electric generator

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What do you need to know about electric generators

  • Power Output:

    The best electric generator puts out more power than you’ll generally need. This is because you don’t want to size the generator based on your base load.

  • You’ll trigger overload protections every time there is a surge, such as when you turn on an air conditioner or refrigeration unit. Instead, select a generator that has at least 20% more power than what you need and an equivalent surge capacity.
  • Then your generator will continue to operate if you turn on another piece of industrial equipment or have to turn up the electric heaters. And turning everything back on after a power outage won’t blow out the generator.
  • An inverter built into the generator will help in this regard. Power inverters may allow you to run a small flashlight or charge smart devices. Don’t use a generator to charge a smart phone or run a laptop without verifying its power quality is less than 3% total harmonic distortion.
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  • Reliability:

    Reliability refers to how sure you are that the generator won’t break down if it is properly maintained. There are generator brands known for leaking oil or gas, sometimes because plastic tubing and tanks cracks when hit or dropped.

  • Other units suffer electrical and mechanical failures after just a few months of use. In a worst case scenario, they will stop working for various reasons while sitting in storage. Then you don’t have backup power when the grid goes down.
  • The best generators are solid and reliable, rarely breaking unless abused or heavily used for years.
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  • Maintenance Requirements:

    Every generator requires maintenance. Diesel generators need less maintenance, but some people choose smaller gas generators for personal use or supplying power for small off-site projects.

  • You need to change the oil, add gas and replace various filters on every generator. One question you need to ask is how difficult those tasks are.
  • Some generators have to be nearly completely disassembled to replace a fuel filter or spark plug. Other units are nearly impossible to maintain because it is hard to get spare parts.
  • Now you’re accelerating generator wear and tear via a clogged air filter because you can’t get a replacement one. Or you have to pay more than anticipated to get replacement spark plugs and air filters for your generator, driving up the total cost of ownership.
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  • Ease of Use:

    Hopefully, you won’t need to use an emergency generator very often. However, every generator should be easy to use. Take the pull start, for example. If the generator has a pull-start, you shouldn’t have to pull it ten times to get it to start.

  • If the generator relies on a push button to start, is that all you have to do? How complicated is the startup process? How hard is it to monitor the generator’s metrics like output, fuel level and oil level?
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  • Final Remarks:

    you never can tell when you might need your electric generator to protect food sources, business operations, and other off-the-grid needs in the event of power outages or lack of power sources.

  • Having a portable electric generator can provide the necessary electric power that can sustain your needs or operations until full power returns.
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