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Green Home

Intro for Green Cleaning Infographic

Nothing can beat the beautiful, fresh smell of a clean house. Walking in the door to the smell of lemons and fresh linen is like no other.


Designing Your Mud Room Cabinetry Storage

The kids have been playing outside. Your oldest son returns from a dirty service project. What are you going to do to avoid bringing the dirty shoes and clothes into the home?

HVAC & Utilities

Keeping Your Home Free From Spring Allergens

Spring is underway – and with it comes the many allergens from budding trees and plants.

Green Home

Hydroponic Gardening – A Good “Going Green” Idea

So what is hydroponic gardening? It is a green way of gardening that consumes less environmental resources such as water, fertilizers, and more. And it doesn’t take much space to give you a year round gardening solution for your family.


A Mud Room Shoe Shelf to Keep the Mud Out

Shoes … shoes … shoes. They are everywhere. Big shoes … small shoes … medium shoes. Shoes for sports … shoes for play … shoes for work. So get them organized and looking neat.

Home Storage

Sport Storage and Organization Racks

Looking for a place to store your sport activity items? Well, these items won’t fit inside a box. You need rather some storage organizational units to hold and secure your sporting items.

Green Home

House Plants Can Help You Go Green

What is so great about house plants. Well, first they help clean up toxins in the home. Second, they add color and decor to your home. Third, it helps you to go green!

HVAC & Utilities

Diagram: Heating Concept for Room and Floor

Boost your home’s energy efficiency by installing the latest in HVAC technology. New HVAC concepts include underfloor heating and single monitoring radiator heat.

Green Home

What Qualifies as an Eco-Friendly House?

Going green can be fun … and can save you in home energy costs. An eco-friendly house begins in steps. But let’s look at the big picture how you can become eco-efficient.

Automation & Security

Infographic: What You Can Do With Smart Home Devices

What can you do with smart home devices from a remote location such as at work or travel.


Manage Your Laundry With Laundry Room Shelves and Cabinets

Any laundry room has a lot of supplies that include laundry soap, stain removal, drying sheets, and more. Assemble and organize your supplies with nicely designed laundry room shelves and cabinets.

Home Storage

Cold Storage Room For Keeping Food Close To You and Family

Why a cold storage room? It could be for multiple reasons. It is needed to store food, wine, potatoes, and other items that require dry, cool spaces.