Utility Needs

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Mud Room With Sitting Area and Clean Up

Mud room in luxury home with wood paneling. Notes: The mud room is adjacent to the entrance of the home. It becomes the first stop when entering the home from

Green Home

Using Wind n’ Solar to Generate Green Power

Solar panel on the roof of the house in the background wind turbines at sunset. Notes: Homeowner looking to become complete energy self efficient. Solar panels on the roof and

Home Storage

Small Decorative Pantry Shelving Containing What’s Necessary to Cook

Small decorative pantry shelving containing what’s necessary to cook. Notes: Many small kitchens don’t have enough storage space for cook items. This idea includes shelving built along kitchen wall or

Green Home

Solar Cells on Roof With Foreground Sun Flowers

Solar cells on a roof with sun flowers in the foreground. Notes: Solar panels are become more common as homeowners look for ways to save on energy costs. You need


Light Blue Laundry Room With Modern Laundry Appliances

Light blue laundry room with modern steel appliances and white cabinets. Notes: The light color blue matches the steel plated appliances very well. The room functions as a laundry room

Home Storage

Home Pantry Storage Area

Empty shelves in a home pantry with tile floor. Notes: A functioning kitchen should come with a walk-in pantry. Note the height of the individual shelves. Different heights for small

HVAC & Utilities

Home Ventilation Diagram

Home ventilation diagram for healthy air. Notes: The home of the future if efficient lighting and automated utility savings. Heat savings is venting the home so that heat can escape

Automation & Security

What Can You Automate in Your Home?

Remote home control system on a digital tablet or phone. Notes: WIFI apps available to control elements of your home. Windows: automated window treatments that can open and close. Thermostats:


Tall Cabinet Shelving for Mud Room

The purpose of a mud room is to store away muddy items. This design fits that purpose! Notes: Note the drawers down below for small kid access. Enough personal cabinet