ideas: photo analysis: Types of Summer Cooling Units

<span>photo analysis:</span> Types of Summer Cooling Units

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  • July and August are hot months - it's difficult to keep yourself active when the interior temperature rises. This requires you to crank up the AC.

    So what can you do to keep your cooling costs down? Let's review the varying AC and cooling units.

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summer cooling units

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Summer cooling units – what do you see in the image above?

  • Let’s start with central “ducted” air conditioning systems:

    if you live in a home with a central air conditioning unit, you have one of the best cooling systems available – but at the highest cost. It’s simple to use; and it doesn’t take up much room except a floor, wall or ceiling vent.

  • The key drawback is that central HVAC system has to cool the entire home whether or not you are using every room. And if you have a upstairs floor, it’s best to have two HVAC units – one that cools the downstairs; the second for the upstairs. If you only have one unit for the entire home, then that single unit is working hard to keep the upstairs cool while the downstairs is freezing.
  • Given the size of your home living area and region, the monthly cost to operate a contral HVAC can run into the hundreds to keep your family comfortable.
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  • Ductless Systems:

    these type of HVAC systems are becoming more popular – especially for cooling certain rooms that have cooling issues (and heating with a mini-split system). These units are the best option for converted rooms or additions where you don’t want to install duct work. These units can be installed on any outside wall with a small hole that connects to the condenser outside. No need to install an extensive distributive ductwork.

  • The advantage of ductless systems are zoning – meaning, you can use a system to cool down a room where you are working without having to cool down the entire home. You can create zones for the kitchen, bedroom, work office, etc, where each of these zones can be controlled by wifi or other programmable device to save energy costs.
  • So while you are working during the day, use the system to keep your work area cool while the rest of the unoccupied house remain at moderate temperatures. Once your workday is finished and you need to begin cooking, reduce the work area zone and increase the zone for the kitchen. And then when it’s time to retire for the evening, turn off all zones except the bedroom. Only use AC where and when you need it.
  • The major downside is that these units take up a lot of wall space; they may not be pleasing to look at. Plus in colder climates, these mini-splits systems that use a heat pump may not work well for heating when temperatures drop below 25-30 degrees. You may need an alternative heating system to keep warm.
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  • Window AC Units:

    (not displayed) something that we are familiar with – one of the best systems to cool down a single room. These units are easy to install – just secure it with the outside window and if needed, some outdoor brace support.

  • These window units are perfect for cooling 1 room and possibly an adjacent room. They take up precious window space that you cannot use. But if you need something to keep a bedroom cool at night, these window units just might be the best option. You can remove it from the window once the summer heat ends.
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  • Portable AC Units:

    an alternative option to window units, these portable appliances are on wheels that can be moved from room to room depending on need. They are a perfect option when you need to cool a room such as your work office.

  • The biggest downside of portable units is that they need to be next to a window for intake/output air. They can take up as much space as window units, but they are less of an eyesore from the outside since the unit is inside the room. This may be the only option for homeowners who live in neighborhoods that don’t allow window units.
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  • Ceiling Fans:

    ceiling fans – and all other types of fans do not cool – they simply move the air around that makes you feel cooler. Ceiling fans in particular are a must for bedrooms. The oscillating fan can help for a better sleep with or without your AC unit running.

  • Ceiling fans work nicely with AC units – it helps moves the air to keep the entire room cool. The best part of ceiling fans is that they don’t consume much energy – much less expensive than running AC.
  • They are perfect to use in the early morning when the air is cool. Simply open your doors and windows and use the ceiling fans to move-in the cooler air from the outside.
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  • Floor and Table Fans:

    and now for the good old fashion way to keep yourself cool. As mentioned, fans do not cool a room; they simply move air especially over our skin that makes us feel cool. They are also best for circulating air – especially when it cooler outside.

  • You can find all types of fans that include floor, table and window fans. If you live in a climate where the air cools down at night, a window fan running during the night can be just as effective at cooling without the energy cost of AC.
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  • Final Observation:

    we reviewed almost all AC options available to help keep you cool this summer. Depending on your needs and location, you might want to explore using these varying options to maximize your comfort at the least amount of cost.

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