ideas: Get Creative: 5 Ways to Update Your Garden This Summer

Get Creative: 5 Ways to Update Your Garden This Summer

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  • Summer gardening is a whole different ball game than other seasons. With all that sunshine, it’s hard to stay out of the gardens.

    People like to use this season to play with their methods, their plant choices, and other fun landscaping ideas.

    If you think it’s time to spruce up your space, we’ve listed a few different ways to update your garden this summer. Check them out!

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update your garden

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Try out different gardening methods


  • You don’t have to stick to the traditional in-ground gardening methods if it isn’t working for you. Even if it is, there are other ways you can spruce up your gardening routine.
  • You could try raised bed gardening or even hydroponic gardening (that way, you could easily shift inside when it gets chilly again). The more methods you use, the more varied your garden—it can end up being quite pleasing to the eye!
    How to Assemble a Homemade Hydroponic System
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update your garden

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Add some comfy seating


  • Though you may not mind getting on your hands and knees to enjoy your garden, that may not be what guests want.
  • Allow for entertaining out in the beauty of your garden by adding in some seating. It doesn’t have to be extensive—even one or two chairs with a little side table can do the trick.
  • If you design a seating area, you’ll make sitting and enjoying the garden look that much more welcoming.
    The Best Materials for Modern Outdoor Furniture
  • wicker sofa setwicker chairswicker tables

       some outdoor furniture ideas to consider      

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update your garden

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Get artistic


  • Gardens are colorful—it’s part of their charm. Utilize the colors of the garden and get artistic with your design.
  • Instead of having a straight-edged garden, see how you can get some curves in there.
  • Instead of just keeping your potted flowers in brown pots, paint them to bring even more life into the space.
  • There are tons of ways to utilize color in your garden, you just have to think about it!
  • decorative stonesstepping stonescolorful flower pots

       some garden decor ideas to consider      

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update your garden

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Play with lighting


  • Sure, you’ll use the sunshine when you can. But what about those cloudy days, or the nights that you want to spend some time outside? That’s when additional, calming lighting will come in handy.
  • Twinkle lights evoke fairy garden aesthetic; however, if that’s not what you’re feeling, you could add some ground lanterns and other industrial lighting fixtures.
  • Play with what works in your garden!
    Landscape Lighting Guide
  • wired landscape lightssolar lightslighting controller

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update your garden

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Pay attention to the border


  • Another way to update your garden this summer has to do with the borders you have in your garden. Take a look at your flower beds and see if you can define their shape a bit more.
  • We talked above about getting artistic with some curved edges. Whether you choose to keep it straight or add some curves, make sure to define those borders—brick, stones, logs, and rocks are good choices!
  • CONCLUSIONThe outdoor area that you design is an extension of the interior. Make something exciting out of the space you’ve spent a lot of time on. You put ample work into creating a garden—make sure that you and others can enjoy the beauty of nature!
  • garden bedsgarden bed edginggarden bed stones

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  • What comments can you share about
    your ideas for a quick garden update

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