9 Easy Steps to a More Organized Kitchen

9 Easy Steps to a More Organized Kitchen


By Alex Levin

Whether you’re an amateur gourmet chef or you and your family like to grab meals on your way out the door, an organized kitchen is essential. These 10 tips will help make your space more functional with minimal effort.

1. What do you actually use?

Your cabinets are probably crammed with various appliances and gadgets that you don’t use, which means it’s time to weed some of them out. If you are not sure about whether you use an item put a post it note on it before putting it back into the cabinet. When you use the item take the post it note off. If an appliance still has a post-it on it after 6 months, you don’t need it.

Also, consider how much space you have. You may have a cupboard full of carefully arranged food storage containers, but if they fall out of the cupboard each time you reach in for a lid, you need a bigger space for these items.

2. Store items by purpose

When putting items in your cupboard, you should not only group similar items together, but you should also put them in a location that makes sense. For example, if you bake on a regular basis, keeping all of your baking utensils (such as cake pans, muffin tins, bread pans, cookie sheets and mixing bowls) together and possibly near a mixer not only make sense, but also saves you time.

3. Create a cooking area

The majority of your time in the kitchen will be spent close to the stove, so you should keep your most used items within easy reach. If you are short on counter space near the stove, a rack for hanging pots and pans can be a lifesaver. Also, spices in metal canisters and placed on a magnetic board inside a cabinet keeps your spices organized and off the counter.

4. Make it easy to store leftovers

A long skinny drawer near the fridge is the perfect storage solution for plastic bags and wraps. You can quickly wrap things up and store them in the refrigerator.

As for food storage containers, there are two locations that are ideal: one is in a cabinet near the refrigerator, while the other location is a cabinet near where dishes typically end up after a meal. Look for containers that stack neatly into each other so that containers fit on one shelf in a cabinet. Unless you have the time to monitor how well the lids fit together, an easier solution is to place a tub inside the cabinet that you can to toss lids into.

5. Make use of shelf organizers

There are so many options to add space to the cabinets you have.  Add pull out drawers to make for easier access or put in a lazy susan into that hard to use corner cabinet.

6. Divide drawers

Most people already use a drawer organizer for their silverware.  I suggest using dividers of some sort for the gadget drawer as well.  The gadget drawer holds all of those extra tools that are not used everyday, but are still useful to have.  These include things such as egg slicers, garlic press, spatulas, ice cream scoops, meat thermometers, measuring cups and spoons, and specialty gadgets.  Having dividers keeps the drawers neat and helps you find what you need.

7. Pay attention to your pantry

Many kitchens have pantry space of some sort. Make the most of your space by grouping like items together and making a note of when staple items start to run low.

8. De-Clutter the counters

One of the simplest ways to keep your kitchen neat is to keep your counters clutter free.  Keep only those appliances that you use every day on the counter such as the toaster and coffee maker and store the rest.  Mount items on the wall such as the phone and calendar and consider under the cabinets as space for paper towels, a radio and even the toaster oven.

9. Organize under the sink, too

True, no one else will see what’s under the sink, but why wouldn’t you want that space to be as functional as possible?  There are great options for under the sink shelves and drawers that can help add more space to this often cramped cabinet while keeping your dish soap, sponges and cleaning supplies accessible.

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Alex Levin is a writer for Granite Transformations, the Orange County bathroom remodeling experts.



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