Common Issues You Can Have With a Rotary Air Compressor

Common Issues You Can Have With a Rotary Air Compressor
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    You may use a rotary air compressor to power your hydraulic tools for home renovations, but just like any other power tool, they can face issues.


Below we list common problems you can find with your compressor and how you can go about solving them. Keep your equipment in working condition to ensure the safety of everyone working on the renovations.

Air Leaks

An air leak will severely reduce the pressure of your rotary air compressor and prevent the equipment from performing its proper job duties. A sure way to determine if you have a leak is by turning off the compressor on a full charge and seeing if the gauge drops–if it does, there is a leak.

Inspect the tank valve and the hose first to see if there are leaks. Otherwise, run soapy water through the connections; the leak is where the bubbles form.



Shuts Down in High Temperatures

When the temperature outside is too hot, the compressor might have difficulty starting or staying active. Other problems that could cause the compressor to shut down from high temperatures is that the oil is either running low, is dirty, or is the wrong type.

Try changing the oil or giving the compressor a break to cool down before powering it back up.

Low or No Pressure

Anything you attach to the rotary air compressor needs pressure to work. A common issue with this equipment is not supplying enough pressure to perform the job duties.

Check the inlet valve and filters to ensure they are open and clean, and replace any other filters to try open the pressure back up.

Water in the Lines

As the air cools through the pipes, it releases condensation, making water a natural by-product of compressed air. If you notice a lot of water sputtering out when you use the compressor, check the drain and condensation traps—they could be full or backing up with excess water.

If the compressor is working as it should, water should be draining from the equipment every few minutes. You may have to troubleshoot the equipment before finding a solution.

However, knowing the possible causes for issues beforehand will allow you to get back to work faster. Take care of your equipment, and you should see minimal problems.

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