7 Ways to Protect Your Home While Under Major Remodeling

7 Ways to Protect Your Home While Under Major Remodeling
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    There's no denying that your home will never be messier than during a remodel.

    Your belongings, appliances, and even fixtures are all at risk of dirt and destruction during a renovation.


Although this prospect can be daunting to homeowners, the reward of a newly remodeled home surely outweighs the risks. Better yet, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure your renovation goes as seamlessly as possible.

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1. Hire Reputable Professionals

The importance of hiring reputable professionals can’t be overstated. What’s more, by working with a general contractor who can outsource to subcontractors, the onus for protecting your home and its contents is on the general contractor.

Be sure to work with fully insured professionals so that when mistakes are made, their insurance policy is responsible for making things right.

2. Purchase Surety Bond Insurance

Speaking of insurance, another great protection you can make for your dwelling is purchasing surety bond insurance. Surety bonds are underwritten by a third party to fulfill agreements made between homeowners and contractors.

Furthermore, insurance like this protects you from financial forfeiture should your contractor under-deliver their services.

icensed contractors must use surety bonds that protect homeowners from service failures, ethical miscarriages, and legal nonperformance.

3. Clean Between Phases

Things can get pretty messy during major home renovations. One simple way to minimize the breadth of these messes is by reducing cleaning projects to smaller phases.

If and when possible, you should consider cleaning between each remodeling phase. From vacuuming up dust to wiping walls and other surfaces, cleaning between renovation stages will protect surfaces, appliances, ductwork, and beyond.

Whether cleaning the messes yourself or outsourcing to local cleaning services, the value of scouring before, during, and after renovating can’t be overstated.

4. Isolate Work Areas

An effective and thoughtful way to prepare for remodeling projects is to isolate individual rooms and areas where possible. For instance, if your renovation is beginning in the kitchen, cover entryways into the kitchen to avoid messes spreading to other areas of your home. Moreover, you can use moving pads to cushion appliances and tarps to cover fixtures and vents.

Doing so will inevitably reduce the likelihood of damage to these items as well as limit messes. When you’re ready to move on to your next zone, take the same measures to protect your next phase.

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5. Install Motion Detectors and/or an Alarm System

If the idea of having strangers mill about your home during renovations is unnerving, you may consider installing safety devices. Motion detectors that are equipped to remotely alert you when there’s new motion in your home can make the remodeling process more palpable.

Further, cameras and security alarms also go a long way to enhance your sense of security especially when you know workers will be in your home.

It’s unreasonable to think you can entirely supervise renovation projects, therefore precautionary measures such as home security devices can put your mind at ease. If nothing else, these devices can help you to track who’s been in and out of your home at particular times.

So if something does go wrong, tracking down the responsible party will be easier.

6. Cover Floors

Undoubtedly, flooring sustains the most mess and potential damage during renovations. If you’re not planning to replace flooring or if new flooring has already been installed amid continued projects, protecting your floors is of utmost importance.

Products such as floor protection films, ram boards, and vinyl runner mats are all effective ways of protecting floor surfaces from scratching, staining, dust, and beyond.

7. Be Involved

Despite entrusting professionals to ensure construction projects move smoothly, it’s important to stay involved in your home renovations. Frequently checking in with subcontractors and periodically popping in during work hours will let contractors know you’re keeping a watchful eye.

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Doing so will inspire top-notch work ethic from those completing your projects.


Preparing for a major remodeling project is an overwhelming undertaking. From the logistic issues to design choices and hiring professionals to budget planning, there’s so much to consider.

However, enlisting some of the aforementioned methods for protecting your home during renovations can allay some of your fears as you embark on this exciting yet stressful journey.

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