Top 6 Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Heaters During the Winter

Top 6 Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Heaters During the Winter
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    Every time the winter is around the corner, we always prepare for it.

    The cold days and nights can ruin our activities, but we can turn them into fulfilling moments by wearing winter gear and heating our spaces.

    Heaters are efficient and have everything it takes to keep us warm.


But various factors determine the effectiveness of heaters during winter. You should know them in advance to rethink your heating strategy if necessary. This article will help you learn the major factors that influence the effectiveness of heaters during the winter months.

Here’s what you should know.

1. The Heater’s Model

This is among the primary factors that determine the effectiveness of heaters. Various models exist in the market; all made for different heating needs and preferences. An excellent example is Polyimide heaters. This type has a thin design that allows it to transfer heat faster than others.

You can also consider models like silicone rubber and Kapton heaters. Hi-Heat Industries has a wide variety which gives you the freedom to choose the best for your needs.

You choose with various design variations in mind. Also, you can consider the size of the space you’d like to heat.

2. Closing Doors to Other Rooms

We do not spend time in all the rooms in our homes simultaneously. Thus, you do not need to heat the whole house, which would be unsustainable.

The best way to do it is by heating rooms that you are currently using. For instance, heat the living room if you’d like to sit there and relax.

But, you won’t retain the heat if you keep doors to other rooms open. The heat will escape to other rooms that you are not heating. This will affect the effectiveness of your heater with time.

It is, therefore, an excellent idea to ensure you close all the other rooms you are not heating.

Also, do not heat a room too early if you don’t plan to spend time there. The best way to do it is by ensuring you heat a room minutes before or once you are there. As said before, you won’t enjoy the heat later if the room isn’t insulated. You get the best results when you heat and use.

3. The Heater’s Features

Every heater has unique features designed to meet different heating needs. These features might include thermostats, resistance temperature detectors, and others that help with regulating heat. Also, other integral features of home heaters include thermocouples and thermal fuses.

A thermostat, for instance, is a critical feature to consider. It is a smart feature that makes it easy to lower electricity bills. They cut the power supply once there’s enough heat in the room, and it can also turn on after the temperature drops. Those are some of the best features to note.

infrared thermal imagingportable heaters

      some heat management to consider      

4. Leakages From External Doors

Many people overlook the ability of leakages from external doors to affect the effectiveness of their heaters. But this is a significant factor that will determine the effectiveness of your heater. There’s a hole between the external door and the floor. This is one of the common spaces that let the cold into homes.

It would be best to seal this spot to make the most of your heating equipment. The air that comes in through this space might not seem significant in the first instance. But you won’t retain the heat generated by your heater with time if this cold air keeps flowing freely into the room.

The best way to seal it off is by using a cloth or towel by stuffing either of them under the door. That will ensure you do not let any air through that space. You can also opt for a permanent solution which is sealing it completely. Replacing the door with one covering the entire space will be a perfect solution

5. Heater Flexibility

The flexibility of a heater can also determine its effectiveness in delivering good results. Heater manufacturers make their products flexible by adding adjustable wattage. You can adjust the wattage depending on the size of your room and the amount of heat you need.

You can choose the wattage depending on whether you have insulation. If a room is insulated, it can retain heat better. Thus, you can even use the lowest wattage and still get good results. Keeping the wattage knob at its lowest will help you lower your monthly electricity bills.

6. Are Your Windows Open?

Heating your home can help ensure you keep it warm and habitable. But then, you might not get the desired results if you do not seal spaces that allow the cold into the room. For instance, it won’t be easy to get the desired results if you do not keep your windows closed while heating.

Windows allow in a lot of cold air, which might reduce the effectiveness of your heater. You will have to use the highest wattage, and still, your space won’t retain the heat. But it’s also not only about closing your windows. You also need to ensure no small spaces let air in.

You can check this by running your hand over the joints of your windows. This will help you feel if any air leakages could affect the effectiveness of your heater. You can use caulks or polyurethane froth to ensure you seal them all to keep your space warm.

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You Can Now Improve the Effectiveness of Your Heater

Those are the primary factors influencing the effectiveness of heaters. Now you know why you get good or bad results from your heater during the winter. One factor that stood out for us was the model of the heater. You have a wide range of options to consider depending on your needs.

For instance, you might consider silicone rubber flexible heaters. These help you focus heat exactly where you need it. Or, you can go for Kapton heaters that are thin and enable almost immediate heat transfer. There are many other models you can choose from and get great results.

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