6 Tips To Help You Add Earth Tones to Your Home Decor

6 Tips To Help You Add Earth Tones to Your Home Decor
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    Earth tones have been a crucial part of home décor for as long as people have been hanging wallpaper.

    For years, the warm tones of earthy hues like brown, yellow, and ochre have been the go-to colors.


They remain the most effective ways to add charm to any space. There are many ways to add earth tones to your home that aren’t reliant on artificial colors or monochromatic hues.

If you have no idea how to add earth tones to your home décor, you can use these six tips.

1. Experiment With Light

The light in your home can also be used as an opportunity to create earthy effects. If you have dark-colored walls and a light-colored or tinted window, the light from the window will reflect off the wall and create a darkening effect.

It can be used to add dimension to your home’s appearance without any extra effort. If you don’t like the idea of the light reflecting off your wall, you can darken the room.

You can also try painting the walls a darker color, so the light from the window won’t reflect off them. The darkening technique is called painting the wall white.

2. Infuse Textures

You may consider using texture pieces in your home to add a natural element to your earth tones. The best texture pieces are organic accessories like burlap table runners, woven baskets, or cement planters.

These items can capture visual interest, and to make them more attractive, you can include agate slices on a wood base or a gold stand. If you want an excellent offer, you can search for an agate slices wholesale retailer in a store near you.

3. Tone It Down

Sometimes you want to bring a more earthy feel to a room in your house but tone it down, it will make it feel less monochromatic. You can achieve this by using earthy colors and other lighter shades like white to create a more playful or airy atmosphere in a room.

For example, a room with white walls and white furniture is likely to be more fabulous and less bright than a room painted coral, yellow, and white.

4. Add Layers

Another easy way to add earthy elements to your home is to add layers to your décor. It can be achieved by using a combination of hardwood and softwood furniture like a sectional sofa, ottoman, or love seat.

painting ladderpaint brushes

      some painting tools to consider      

The softness and cushiony feel of the wood can help give your home a more earthy feel. Choose hardwood furniture with rough edges if you want your home to feel less like a house and more like a retreat.

Choose the type of furniture that blends well with the rest of your home. If you want your home to feel more formal, use sturdier furniture like a sofa or table.

The furniture is ideal for adding layers to a room and making it feel more structured. If you want a more casual feel, go with a chair or sofa that is made to be more lightweight.

5. Accent With Glass

The glass in your home can be a fantastic way to add earthy elements to a room. The right kind of glass can help you bring out the red in a room while serving as an elegant backdrop for a piece of art or a wooden table or shelf.

If you want your glass to match the color scheme in your home, go with an eggshell-colored glass.

Also, if you want it to stand out, go with clear glass. Eggshell-colored glass is often referred to as "smoky glass" and is often used in Mediterranean architecture. It is also known as "Byzantine glass" and is popular in rugs.

Smoky glass is often used in kitchen cabinets, glasses, and doors. It is not the glass you use in a shower or bathroom window.

If you want your bathroom glass, go with a clear option to give your better wall and floor color options. If you want the glass to serve as a backdrop for a piece of art, go with art glass. It is often painted with wild, vibrant colors that bring out the red in a room.

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6. Don’t Forget About the Windows

The color scheme in a room is only as strong as the weakest link. You need to bring in other elements like lights and plants to give your walls and floor structure the support to look better. Add some beautiful glass with warm colors to your windows to help bring in some light and warmth.

The above options are some of the simple yet effective ways to add earth tones to your home décor.

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