Transforming Unappealing Pipes into Effective Decor Features

Transforming Unappealing Pipes into Effective Decor Features
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    In the past, people could not even imagine having open ceilings with pipes as décor features.

    Electrical pipes, air ducts, plumbing lines, and ceiling pipes are required for the appropriate functioning of the power, drainage, heating and cooling home systems, but are unsightly.


We hide them deep inside our homes by reconstructing walls and placing cabinets and false ceilings, even though these methods require a lot of time and money. But don’t get discouraged just yet! What if I told you that you can still have exposed pipes in your home, but not have your premises look all unpleasant and dreary? Here are some interesting ways for making the exposed pipes in your home look more appealing.

Build a Shelf

Building a bookshelf or a storage shelf around your exposed pipes is a neat trick. The most obvious way you will benefit from this is creating more storage space for your books and other belongings. However, you must admit that a bookshelf built around exposed pipes will make a library look very distinctive, interesting and elegant.

Use Colors

Next thing you could do is to paint the exposed pipes in different vibrant colors. You can do it yourself or with friends. If you have kids, then the painting can be a great weekend or holiday assignment for them. They will use their imagination and skills, and have lots of fun spending quality family time.

Make the Pipes Show in a Good Way

By doing this, you can achieve a retro, classic, or rustic appeal. However, in order to make this work, you will need plenty of careful color coordination. For example, earthy flooring and neutral walls with copper metallic or black pipes would look sensational. Add a nice, colorful carpet, a potted plant, or some vintage piece of furniture to complement the design and bring the room with a unified look.

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Rope around the Bathroom Pipes

An extraordinary way to furnish your bathroom is going rustic with earthy hues, wooden walls, and exposed water pipes wrapped with rope. The appearance is very soothing and great to look at. Of course, the plumbing system should be at an easy reach in case of malfunction or breakage, advise my local plumbers.

Use Foliage

For preventing exposed pipes from ruining your décor, fake foliage is a minimum-fuss solution. It is a great way to hide the exposed pipes, but also gives your house a tropical feel. If you have enough time to invest real foliage, I suggest you opt for creepers and climbers (which require some effort in watering, conditioning and pruning, but are worth it).

Colorful Insulation for Electric Wires

It is dangerous to have electrical wiring exposed, so they have to be covered with insulation tape. However, instead of using the standard white or black tape, find some brightly colored or printed tapes at eBay and Amazon. Choose the right color according your house décor, and wrap up those exposed wires.

Hide Sink Pipes with a Sink Skirt

If you have a tastefully designed kitchen or bathroom, those pipes under the sink can really ruin the overall appeal. A quick, but practical fix to hide the pipes under the sink would be stitching a sink skirt. The key thing with this is choosing the right color and fabric for your skirt. Your sink skirt may stand out or blend, depending on your desires. Sink skirts can be found online, but you can also check some yard and garage sales in your neighborhood.

In the end, possibly the best solution for transforming the unappealing pipes into effective décor features are – steel pipes. Steel pipes can be used almost everywhere, are chic and timeless, so you will never have to worry again about your bathroom or kitchen design going out of fashion.



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