Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Home
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    Modern life can feel like a jumble of fast-paced electronic noise and images coming at you from all sides as you multi-task your way through your days.

    Wouldn't it be lovely to come home to a more quiet, refined, and elegant retreat where you can relax, recharge, and entertain friends in a gracious and soothing setting?


Classic design elements like balance, proportion, symmetry, simplicity, and restraint are the starting points for redecorating with elegance. And they work with whatever style you lean toward, whether contemporary, traditional, or even country rustic.

Elegance doesn’t have to mean expensive, either. Good taste comes in every price range. The most important thing is that your home be comfortable and functional as well as beautiful. A stuffy or ornate room where you don’t feel welcome is the absolute antithesis of 21st-century elegance.

So how can you add a touch of elegance to your surroundings without breaking the bank or creating a space that looks good but doesn’t work for day-to-day living? Here are some good ideas:

Add Architectural Features

Adding crown molding will make your rooms look high end and polished. Other classic architectural details that add character to any room are wide baseboards and, particularly in dining rooms, chair rails. Adding the look of beams to a ceiling can transform a room completely.

You can find all of these elements in wood, plastic, and even in peel-and-stick foam that you can paint. Although it’s not as easy to cut and install, the wood is likely to look best and last longest, and it’s the only one of the materials that you can stain, so take that into consideration.

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Paint Thoughtfully

Whether you go with wall colors that are subtle or passionate, crisp white trim will finish your rooms in custom style. A room with white walls will get extra snap if you paint the trim in a mid-tone shade of gray, slate blue, or another neutral. For a bold, sophisticated look, set off white walls with black trim. To get an idea of what these and other combinations might look like in your home, click here.

Upgrade the Hardware

You probably don’t notice them because you use them without thinking, but cabinet knobs and pulls, faucets and handle sets, door knobs, and the like become weary over time. Installing quality replacements can upgrade the look of an entire room and make it look well cared for.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Well-lit rooms are fresh and inviting. Not to mention that you can’t appreciate what you can’t see. Natural daylight is the best, so do away with heavy draperies or valances that block it. For evening and in rooms with less than ideal windows, make sure you balance the placement of lamps so that there are no dark corners.

Make Rooms Clutter-Free

This isn’t about the stuff that accumulates in everyday living – which of course you corral and toss or put away on a regular basis – but about permanent clutter that distracts the eye and diffuses the focus on all the lovely things you’ve got in your home. Bits and pieces of collections strewn in various display spots, for example. Photographs and artwork hung hither and yon. The odd decorative piece placed wherever you had room for it.

What you want to do is simplify what you’ve got, and group collections of things together so they make a strong visual impact. Rather than placing one small picture here and another there, arrange several of them together on one wall. (Lay them out on the floor first to find a pleasing combination before you start making holes in the plaster.)

Accessorize With Care

Carefully chosen accessories add the final touch to delight the eye. Beautiful objects made of quality materials, like the soft luster of fine Match pewter, make tabletops gleam. Large, soft pillows in luxurious fabrics call out for comfortable nestling on a couch or armchair. Fresh flowers and bowls of fruit add the natural touch that make rooms come alive.

To guide you as a general rule in choosing furnishings and accessories, go for larger rather than smaller, simple rather than fussy. Elegance is having your rooms look calm and easy rather than tortured and over-designed. 

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