Starter Home: 5 Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Personal Refuge

Starter Home: 5 Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Personal Refuge
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    Buying a new home is a harrowing challenge followed by feelings of relief when the process is finished.

    Once done, you have your first home and can strive to make it a place of refuge and enjoyment.


There are many ways to go about turning your new house into a personal refuge, all of which depend on your personal preferences.


How you decorate your home is a big part of providing a space you and your family will enjoy. Rather than just leaving your home exactly as it was when you purchased it, consider making a few key changes to the interior space to reflect your personality. Choose flooring that is comfortable in texture, takes maintenance you will not mind providing, and is pleasing in color and design to your eyes. Walls could be painted or covered in colors and patterns that invite you to relax and enjoy the space. Install window treatments that allow you to easily open them to let in light as well as close them for security.  By making a few key changes to the basic indoor features of the house, you will be able to put your personal signature strongly on your new home, making it truly yours.  This will help you to feel truly comfortable the moment you walk in the door, not like you are a stranger walking into another person’s house.


Furniture should be welcoming and comfortable, suiting your purposes when you are home. Cozy television watching, computer time, or reading comfort as well as efficient work spaces and surfaces are all a part of creating a haven. Recliners, couches, and chairs can be purchased in a variety of inviting colors and patterns, pleasing to look at as well as comfortable to sit in and enjoy.


Part of making a house a home includes filling it with personal items such as decor and furniture, but also the things you enjoy. Hobbies are a part of your home. Many people have a corner or even a room devoted to their hobbies, such as a sewing room, a library, or recreation room for pool or ping pong or even just television watching.  Make sure there is somewhere in the house that is reserved for fun.  This will give you a place to escape to when needed.


Not only do security measures protect your belongings from theft, a secure, safe home is also important in order for your family to truly relax when at home. Ensure your doors and windows have solid locks and the windows have properly shielding coverings you can draw at night for privacy.  Professionals can help you secure your home for added peace of mind.  A good system can allow you to feel fully control of the situation in your personal refuge.

Personal Belongings

Filling the house with your personal effects is a big part of making it your place of refuge. Put art you like on the walls, fill the shelves with books, the rooms with hobby items and comfort items that bring you relaxation and joy.  Adding mementos and touches that remind you of things you love will be sure to take you to your happy place in a flash.

It can take some time to settle into a new house and feel like it is truly yours.  However, you can quickly make that transition as you apply these 5 tips for making your house the home and haven you always wanted.

Samantha Stainsburry is a freelance blogger from Charlottesville, VA.  She’s a major history buff, and loves living in Thomas Jefferson’s hometown.  In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, and finding new music among other things.  Her personal ambition is beat to Ken Jennings’ Jeopardy record with her vast trivia knowledge.



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