Home Renovation: 5 Major Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Home Renovation: 5 Major Signs You Need Foundation Repair
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    Neglecting to repair damaged or otherwise jeopardized foundation is a serious mistake.

    As your home gets older, the more likely it will need some foundation repairs and updates.


As time goes on, weather plus pressure will eventually take its toll on your home without the proper maintenance. A small crack can manifest into a bigger problem, damaging plumbing, gas lines and even the home’s structure. So, how do you know if your home needs foundation repair?

Cracks in Foundation Wall

One tell-tale sign that your home needs foundation repair is the presence of cracks in the foundation wall. As explained by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), cracks between 1 mm and 5 mm wide should be monitored for at least 12 months. If the crack grows, it usually means there’s a problem with the foundation. With that said, it is better safe than sorry to have this particular sign checked out by a professional as soon as possible. The reason being, is that the longer you sit on foundation repairs, the more money it will likely cost you to repair damages later down the road.

Cracks in Walls

When a home’s foundation becomes unstable, cracks may form in the walls. You will often find cracks in the exterior walls as well as the interior walls, indicating a foundation problem. As the foundation shifts, it damages brick, drywall and other wall-building materials, leaving behind characteristic cracks. Attempting to fix these cracks by with plaster or spackling paste will only mask the problem without treating the root cause, which is the foundation. These cracks can also make your home look cosmetically unpleasing. These repairs can be difficult and expensive to fix without having your foundation properly taken care of.

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors may point to a foundation problem. As the soil expands and contracts, it creates an angled surface while subsequently making your floors uneven. Some uneven floors, however, are the result of poor construction practices. To determine whether your home’s uneven floors are attributed to foundation problems, consider hiring a professional foundation repair company like Techniblock Pty Ltd.

Doors Sticking

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Are the doors in your home sticking at the top or bottom of the frame? If so, you may need foundation repair. While high humidity can prevent doors from opening and closing properly, an uneven foundation is another potential cause.

The uneven foundation creates slight variations in the door and door frame. The top right corner of the door, for example, might be slightly higher than the frame, preventing it from closing correctly.

Nails Popping Out

Finally, if you see nails popping out of the drywall or floors, you may need foundation repair. It’s unlikely that a nail will come all the way out. However, an uneven foundation may cause the head to pop out just slightly. When this occurs, you may see the shape of a nail head pressing against the wall.

By familiarizing yourself with these five signs, you’ll have a better understanding of whether your home needs foundation repair. Thankfully, foundation problems can be fixed, but you must take action now to mitigate the damage.



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