Why Pressure Washing Is A Must Before Painting A House

Why Pressure Washing Is A Must Before Painting A House
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    Painting a house exterior requires preparation for the best results.

    The initial step includes proper cleaning and repair to ensure the paint applies smoothly.


Pressure washing is one effective way to clean exterior surfaces. It can remove stubborn stains and gunk and cleans even the hard-to-reach areas. It’s perfect for cleaning exterior walls of aged properties before painting.

Aside from these, here are six more reasons why pressure washing is a must before painting a house.

Gives You A Clean Surface To Work On

Most of an entire paint job is spent on cleaning and preparation. Aside from proper priming, the final result depends on the initial steps you take to make a clean canvas to work on.

Painting right away on a dirty and dusty surface only leads to doubling the time to finish the job. No matter how good the quality of your paint is, it won’t properly adhere to the wall. It only leads to a waste of time, money, and effort. Pressure washing ensures you’re working on clean surfaces.

Moreover, pressure washing can remove algae and mildew buildup on exterior walls. This problem usually occurs due to the lack of cleaning and maintenance. To help you, you may check out Puget Power Washing or other professional pressure washing services in your area.

Reveals Cracks And Holes To Fix

Clearing off all the dirt, gunk, debris, and algae from the walls exposes other issues. If you’re wondering why your interior walls are often moist, there may be some hairline cracks or tiny holes outside. You can only fix these problems once you’ve cleaned out all the buildup.

Repairing even the tiny cracks on exterior walls can solve many problems. Aside from the aesthetic aspects, properly fixing these damages can help prevent functional and structural issues.

Pressure washing reveals even the tiniest cracks on your walls. You can effectively fill in small holes after cleaning all the obstructions. When everything is already repaired and polished, you can proceed to priming and painting.

Protects Exterior And Interior Walls From Moisture

Algae buildup is one of the common problems for period properties. It locks in moisture to walls, causing issues like moisture on the interior walls, especially when raining. Before painting the exterior, washing it off is necessary.

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As mentioned, pressure washing exposes all the parts that need repair. Cleaning, repairing, priming, and painting are the essential steps to create a protective barrier on the exterior walls. This way, you can prevent liquid and moisture from sinking in.

Sealing your house from the outside keeps you safe and stress-free. You can prevent stubborn stains and mold from forming inside the house.

Enables Better Paint Adhesion

Pressure washing the exterior walls helps the paint adhere stronger. Since the surface is clean and clear of all types of debris, primer and paint will properly stick. This step is also crucial to making the exterior paint last longer despite changing weather conditions.

When the paint strongly adheres to the walls, you can prevent the formation of bubbles and early peeling. These issues typically occur when the walls are dirty or not primed and prepared for the paint. Using a pressure washer can save you from all these hassles.

Proper washing is imperative if you want the paint to be extra durable. Although the project may take longer to finish, you’ll be worry-free when it’s done. You’ll be guaranteed your house will look elegant and clean due to its flawless exteriors.

Gives Off Vibrant Paint Colors

Starting with a clean surface to paint on makes the colors appear more vibrant. Pressure washing can remove unwanted stains on the walls that may affect the color pay-off.

Thorough cleaning evens out the surface before painting. It prevents patching and uneven tones in different parts of the house, commonly caused by the paint’s reaction to the substances on the wall surface. If you want your house to look vibrant, pressure washing is an essential step. Skipping it will likely result in dull paint color.

Results In A Flawless Finish

Starting with a flawless surface is the first step towards a perfect result in any paint job. You can achieve this by pressure washing before taking any action.

When your house is newly-painted, you want it to look bright, fresh, and elegant. Getting a flawless paint job is one of the most challenging parts of house finishing and renovation. If not done properly and wisely, it’s almost impossible to mask the imperfections. Often, the only solution is to scrape the paint off and repaint the walls.

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Furthermore, most paint experts prefer pressure washing to help remove the chipped paint on the walls. Doing so will prevent bumps and lumps on the topcoat, leaving an impeccable result.


Pressure washing helps make a house look brand new. Whether you’re planning to paint your home or simply want to clean your exterior walls, roof, and driveway, it provides a quick and easy solution.

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