5 Guiding Tips When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

5 Guiding Tips When Painting Your Home’s Exterior
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    Painting a home's exterior is something that most people enjoy.

    However, coordinating the right colors for the project can be confusing because of the several factors at play.


The following tips can guide you in choosing the best exterior colors for your home:

1. Consider Personal Preference

This is the most important guiding factor when painting a home’s exterior. Everything comes down to being original and choosing the colors you love for your house. Get inspiration from your own life. For instance, if you love the color of a blue cloudless sky or the setting sun, let them reflect in the colors you use in your home.

You will find several people trying to copy their neighbors or even the latest designer trends. This should not be the case; just be natural and select colors that you love that will make you feel good about your home.

2. Draw Inspiration From Nature

Take a stroll around your home to see which colors occur naturally. A house situated in the mountains, surrounded by evergreen trees, draws a different inspiration from one that’s located along the beach area, with water and sand in its surrounding.

It is important to consider coordinating the colors you’ll use in painting your home’s exterior to complement or mimic nature. If your home is in the mountains, consider greens, deep burgundy and rusty browns.

On the other hand, a house on the beach will do well with sandy beiges, inspiring blues and soft yellows. Nature will never mislead you, so go ahead and draw your inspiration from it.

3. Seek Help From Professionals

If you’re finding it hard to select the right mix of colors, you may need to seek help from your local exterior home designers and paint manufacturers. They can assist you in coming up with the right color combinations that suit your home best.

Most manufacturers’ websites feature possible paint combinations for different homes that can coordinate well with your preferred personal or family colors. Go through them, and see which ones work best for you.

4. Pay Other Neighborhoods a Visit

Before painting your house, it is also important that you see how the homes in your neighborhood look like and draw inspiration from it. You don’t want to be conspicuously different from your neighbors, as it will certainly attract a lot of attention, or even put off certain neighbors and potential buyers.

Talk to homeowners of homes you seem to like, and ask the color combinations they used in painting their homes. Most homeowners employ pre-selected colors from designers and architects; you can choose to be different by drawing your inspiration from a good home.

5. Consider Style and Age of Your Home

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A home’s style and age should be a guide in selecting colors for painting a home’s exterior. Historical homes usually do well with period styles and colors. However, depending on where they are situated, you may consider using modern colors to paint them to obtain beautiful results.

On the other hand, it’s not wrong to use deep colors on homes that are more modern. In addition, if your house has a Victorian style and you prefer bright colors, then consider painting your front door in colors like red or blue to help brighten the somber siding.

Let the tips above guide you in selecting the best exterior colors for your home.

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