5 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

5 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean
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    In many homes, the kitchen is a room that gets cleaned most often.

    That is because a kitchen is a family hub center.


In addition to being where food is cooked and served, the kitchen is a gathering spot where catching up on the day’s activities happens. It is usually where kids sit and do homework and adults unwind after a long day’s work.

For those reasons and more why a kitchen is cleaned more than any other room in the house. Continue reading to discover the benefits of keeping a kitchen clean and learn five tips and tricks for keeping your kitchen clean.

Aside from keeping your kitchen clean because it is the place where you prepare food, there are several other benefits to keeping a kitchen clean.

Some of those benefits include:

  • A clean kitchen prevents foodborne illnesses.
  • A clean kitchen helps avoid the later use of harsh chemicals.
  • A clean kitchen prevents the embarrassment of company from seeing a mess.
  • A clean kitchen helps extend the life of appliances.
  • A clean kitchen is safer than a non-clean kitchen.
  • A clean and organized kitchen helps extend the life of food.

Therefore, some easy habits to create, including tips and tricks to keeping your kitchen clean, are:

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1. Clean Spills and Splashes as Soon as They Happen

Most home kitchens have flooring either laminate, vinyl, stone tile, or ceramic tile. A spell on any flooring can leave a sticky mess that can be tracked through your home.

In addition to the sticky mess being tracked through the house, if the liquid contains sugar, it can draw ants or other rodents that are not wanted in a home. Spells can also try and become harder to clean, creating damage to your floor, or worse; spills can stain your countertops.

Therefore, one way to keep your kitchen clean is to clean spills and splashes as soon as they happen. A damp cloth or dampened paper towel is usually enough to clean the kitchen spell. However, having a designated tool for cleaning spills is beneficial when more is needed.

2. Make Room For Everything in Your Kitchen

Having a place for everything in your kitchen is a great way to avoid clutter on countertops and your kitchen table. Small appliances like toasters, blenders, and other handheld devices should be put in cabinets or stored in your pantry.

After grocery shopping, putting everything in a designated place will avoid family members being wasteful and opening duplicate products. Instead of immediately filling your fruit bowl, cleaning it to kill microorganisms with 35 food-grade hydrogen peroxide is essential.

It makes grabbing a piece of fruit on the go safe and easy for families.

3. Clean As You Go When Cooking

If you are the cook in your household, you are likely in your element when cooking. However, reading recipes, slicing and dicing ingredients, and assuring that your food tastes delicious as you like leaves little time for cleaning the kitchen.

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However, cleaning as you go means less mess after the meal is complete. Therefore, no one with a full stomach has to do much when it is time to clean the kitchen.

Some tips for keeping the kitchen clean include:

  • Keep a trash bag or wastebasket near
  • Peel vegetables over your garbage disposal
  • Keep one tasting bowl handy
  • Assign a family member as a cleaner while you cook

4. Cover Food When Using the Microwave

The microwave is one of the best inventions ever. It heats food instantly and makes life easier, mainly by cutting time in the kitchen.

However, food in the microwave can leave a mess if not warmed or cooked correctly. That includes putting items on a plate and covering it while warming even more critically.

By covering food to warm it, you are decreasing the opportunity for spills and splashes all over the inside of the microwave. Covering it will also reduce cleaning time and your kitchen.

5. Clean Your Dish Towels and Kitchen Cloths Often

Keep all dish towels and linens in your kitchen clean at all times. That means having enough on hand so that when one is dirty you can grab another.

Doing this avoids contamination, smelly cloth in your kitchen, and allows you to have access to clean towels when necessary.


As you have read, your kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in your house. It is likely the room that gets the most traffic and is therefore cleaned the most.

Above you have read five ways to help you manage to keep your kitchen clean. If you have trouble in this area, these five tips are a great place to begin.

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