10 Tips to Efficiently Keep Your Bathroom Clean

10 Tips to Efficiently Keep Your Bathroom Clean
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    Cleaning your bathroom seems like a never-ending process.

    After you spend half of your Saturday scrubbing and rinsing, you expect it to stay tidy for at least a few days.

    But inevitably, you walk in to take a shower and the whole room is a mess.


Whether it’s you, your roommate, your spouse or your children’s fault, someone has to take care of it. Rather than letting the cycle start again, incorporate a few tips and tricks to cut down on your cleaning time in the bathroom. Here are 10 ways to efficiently keep your bathroom tidy.

  • 1. Minimize Floor Clutter

    It’s easy to toss clothes on the floor as you hop into the shower, and just as easy to leave towels lying around after you finish your shower. You can control the clutter by maintaining an open and organized space.

    Train yourself to pick up the items strewn across the floor every time you leave the bathroom — or stop dropping them there altogether. For an alternative solution, consider adding a laundry hamper in your bathroom if space allows. Without having to haul off piles of dirty clothes, vacuuming becomes a short task, and you can approach it with a positive attitude.

  • 2. Adopt an Organizational System

    Make medicine cabinets and storage space manageable by implementing organizational tips. Start by pulling out the products taking up space in your cabinets that you no longer use or need.

    You can then section off drawers, use dividers or add baskets to help categorize and organize everyday bathroom essentials like toilet paper, towels, hygiene products and cosmetic items.

  • 3. Clear Counter Space

    A spacious bathroom counter is a true haven for spreading out your hair and skin products, lotions, you name it. But crowded counters and surfaces can make housework more daunting and time intensive.

    Make it a habit of organizing and storing your products in their designated spaces so disinfecting surfaces can happen quickly.

  • 4. Practice Straightening

    Bring order to your bathroom by making straightening a habit. From your towels to the toothbrushes, a well-kept area requires a holistic approach. When the small elements are arranged neatly, the room looks considerably more presentable.

  • 5. Add Functional Elements

    Evaluate your bathroom area before spending more energy to keep it clean than necessary. What makes your bathroom seem constantly unkempt? You can make changes to the room’s design like swapping an outdated vinyl or aluminum shower frame for a modern glass frameless enclosure to give the room an open and clean feel.

    Minor upgrades can revamp the appearance of your bathroom by bringing an effortless quality to it. Fresh elements help spruce up the space so it doesn’t look worn and dull.


  • 6. Prevent Moisture Damage

    If you don’t let your bathroom properly dry after showers, or regularly wash your bath towels and rugs, you create a healthy habitat for mold to grow. Mold thrives from excess moisture, especially in warm, steamy areas. To avoid a serious deep cleaning following a mold buildup, air out or dry off any wet surfaces following bathroom use.

    If you don’t already have one installed, make sure you have a well-running fan to pump moisture out of the room. You can turn on the fan or open a window to help circulate air to soggy places. Also, get in the habit of opening your crumpled shower curtain so it can fully dry.

  • 7. Cut Down on Sources of Grime

    Certain items in your bathroom are repeat problems resulting in gooey messes. Toothpaste, bar soap and makeup all build up on your sink. Consider making changes to reduce the grime.

    Small changes like swapping bar soap for liquid hand soap or wiping down the counter after doing your makeup can help keep splotches and smudges from building up over time.

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  • 8. Opt for Long-Lasting Products

    Some cleaning solutions are stronger than others and make a substantial difference in how often you need to clean. Plus, with a space that truly takes the grunt of the grim, you want to select powerful products that can fight off germs and stains from your bathroom. Use effective wipes, sprays and solutions to thoroughly rid your bathroom surfaces of scum before it starts to build up.

  • 9. Stay on Top of the Main Spots

  • Areas prone to show dirt are the ones you use the most. The toilet, shower and sink accumulate dirt and bacteria, so focus on these spots with regular cleansing. Once you apply cleaner to these surfaces, allow them to soak for several minutes for a thorough clean.
  • 10. Catch Small Messes

    If you overlook the start of a problem in your bathroom, it can lead to larger issues and eventually become a predicament. Keep an eye out for little messes and swiftly deal with them once spotted. You can take a few minutes to eliminate minor specks from your mirror today instead of scrubbing stubborn build-up later on.

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Maintain a Tidy Bathroom

You can achieve an orderly and clean room with simple tips and tricks. Cut down on your cleaning time by keeping your bathroom in top shape. Use these efficient ways to maintain a neat space.

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